Wśród durniów musisz być bogaty i mieć władzę. Inaczej zwariujesz. Od bogatych durni u władzy też zwarjujesz.


Among fools you have to be rich and have power otherwise you will go crazy but you will go crazy from rich fools in power as well.

The Most Beautiful One

No luck with women today.
The Most Beautiful One doesn’t work today, I am sending her an e-mail now. The customer woman was young and sexy but came with a husband and cute, little baby, so the works have been performed on her already with a great success, the girl in the sauna was lesbian (yes, the other girl was her boyfriend) I am left with no choice but to look at the naked picture of a girl I have picked up on match(dot)com for my buddy and he was merciful enough to forward it to me (men!!!). Her intelligent and dark eyes made me think about my last ex. I sent her an e-mail and now we talk again. At some point I have to tell her I am dying so she doesn’t take me too serious. That’s why I broke up with her in the first place- to spare her my funeral. She still doesn’t know. My aim is to burn in a perfect body. The one I used to have when I came to US. I don’t want my blubber burnt to hit the city like they do in Sweden, when they burn people, as energy source. No blubber left.
I guess I will be writing in a coffee shop till I need to go and pick up a friend tonight. He intends to drink and I am his designated driver. I also have a designated driver, invisible One. He drives me everyday since childhood. At first I was really…scared, then annoyed…but after meeting him with his friend … I consider him my friend as well and his friend is my friend now too. They somehow know what I am doing when I don’t as if they were part of my future. They tell me not to listen to doctors. Clowns.
Actually one keeps silent and watches, the other one does all the talking. To me and through me. Depending on the mood of the fake world we think we create for real. We do, just not for real. The key word is fate. On a mass level I call fate – higher scenario.
Higher scenario is not for everybody. Higher scenario is for selected few. It is painful to be shown its chapters. You realize what a dumb ass you are among millions of dumb, desperate asses. Improvisation in consciousness – all we are – desperate for any answers – mostly wrong. There are no answers at this level.
On a personal level – can a woman even imagine what a man..walking out of this dimension is eager to do to her and for her …knowing it is his farewell sex. Physical Human Goddess is not a word good enough to describe who she becomes. This civilization is trying to take it away from women. Abortion, latest epidemic, cloning of humans, porn, dumb television shows. No luck with women tonight. Unless I talk to the one next table. Maybe her mind can be exciting. Maybe. I now get tired of dumbness, it wasn’t the case in the past. I was a good listener. They told me – when I was a young journalist – you will be perfect for interviewing people – you are a great listener. I am but now I only have time left to listen to the voices in my head. Forgot about Queen of US as well. Can’t deal with idiots around her. I only wanted her to befriend few people before I seize here. I have an amazing eye for special people, I didn’t want her to go to a waste among idiots. I hope she doesn’t. That’s all. I have a good record of elevating people. Can’t help only myself. Fate. Don’t we all get to learn at some point how easy it is to waste a new, perfect otherwise life?
And once you learn it – why is it so painful to watch The Most Beautiful Ones among us do that?  Beauty comes from within. Cross your within , will you? There is still time, if you read this. I took my medicines now, so I am getting fucked for an hour. An hour and life are the same unit. Enjoy every minute of both. Minute and eternity are one unit.
Timewise all units are the same.



Woke up at 6am today. Late for me. Listened to a California band to open my eyes. Passed by a mirror. No demons but I had a six pack. Worked on it for the past two weeks. Hate machines. Bob, “you want to burn like Gods, not human flash”. Breakfast: an apple. Might go to the Aikido temple today to meet with a friend. I like punching bags, wonder if they have any. I will hit on a girl today I met few days ago. She said she loved theater. I am putting it to a test this week-end. She is extremely smart, brilliant, cute. Psychology does it to you. Sometimes. She could be my daughter. I could be my son with cloning. What can I do? I am getting younger. From 250 to 215 pounds in five weeks. Sixteen left. The hardest. Skin cooperated. Followed the leaner body. I want to leave as I came. No decomposition. Burn Bob, burn. It is mental. Who you are. Here and there.


I suffer from love to a woman today. God, it hurts. Since youth I have this habit of finding another woman to ease the pain, even more beautiful. Somehow I was always ending up getting both of them in the end. But it can’t last. And leaving both of them. Not getting her is fair. It is fair.
I will go and see the more beautiful one now. It will help.

Arab Springs beautifully show how wars are made for profit and according to scenarios of the future. Who is behind it and for what gain. No country is safe. You could have Australian Spring tomorrow or ISIS in Canada made up of French – if you wanted really hard. What a shame we fall for this fucking crap. ISIS better explains NAZIS than all Oxford dummies (historians) combined. Find sick puppies, give them money and arms and YOUR leader. I wonder when will EUropean “Refugees” get their leader now. Because they will. Trust me they will. Or their many kids. HISTORY DOESN’T HAPPEN, IT IS MADE.

the flow

Attitude is the worst thing you can do to neutral objects in your kitchen
At least water is hot
It has become emotional
the flow
running from

everyday we wake up to be bombarded with bullshit
and while we know its bullshit we chose to believe bullshit is not bullshit
and we use it to feed our brains in order to function within bullshit society with bullshit problems and hanging on some bullshit to function and the only other option is to walk out of bullshit and probably find nothing as bullshit no matter how big it is, is more convenient than nothing since it takes all the room we have for anything other than bullshit

If American media was as serious about reporting on world politics as it is about American football, Americans would be the most enlightened society in the world and they are, when it comes to American football.

if I ever

I am being told to do an internet radio. An hour a week?
We will see. Yesterday I talked to a woman. We were both waiting for our cars to be fixed. Breaks. So we talked cars sitting next to each other. Then she showed me things on her Eye-phone, I commented.
Then she looked me in my eyes. We talked about time. How it runs. And later had few jokes, to laugh. She asked me about places. Again showed my apartments on internet. She was looking for one. Asked if I lived by myself.
Looked in my eyes again. That was nice. She said she could live with me. Funny. I was thinking only about having sex with her, almost touched her.
She could sense. Maybe I should have. The problem with me is that I touch right away. Where it matters. If I ever.
Because I have this move in me. Always had. I go after the neck and pussy. Hands and lips get busy. They are disoriented. At first.
I have never abused the move. It was close though. She wouldn’t resist because I could sense too. Her accepting me inside.


No letting down. All American wars on Africa and Asia that have been planned before 9/11 with the 9/11 as a ridiculous, satanic excuse for them, were in the end meant to create destruction and breaking down of Europe with the “European” media being part of the plan. If today’s European population are the descendants of the lost tribes – we are witnessing the destruction of real Israel by the forces of Evil.
To me it means that at some point US has been kidnapped and serves the opposite purpose than the one it was created for (while being under attack of these forces itself). (Yes, you can attack both sides of the conflict you have created by … clashing and manipulating them, weakening both from the inside as well as outside). Everything serves antagonisms and wars – which is the best management tool of humans but this is not the tool created by God.
It is the tool used exclusively by “Satan” and “His” people.
Non manipulated humanity would be unstoppable but what would be our purpose?