I sometimes wonder why I use a pretty impressive military knife for everything. I open cans with it, doors (like yesterday), cut up food with it, remove skins from veggies, fix things and again yesterday I gave it to a truck driver whose straps failed and he had to cut them.
He was impressed. I thought that maybe it is a habit from my previous life when I was a soldier in Vietnam, place where I died last. But another truth has emerged today.
I left it in a car last night and I am doing scrambled eggs now with fried onions. That knife is the only knife I have.
I have no other knife in the whole apartment. Just looked all over the place. Used saw-zall blade for metal instead. To cut up onions and break eggs.
Bread comes sliced thanks God. I would feel like I am butchering a loaf of bread.

Beautiful women need orgasms too. Never forget. It is not good enough just to look. Let them choose. You.

The world we live in was not designed for living as much as for working.
So the phrase should be “The world we work in”. Living is secondary.
You live to work and you work to live.


I don’t know HOW I know what I shouldn’t know.
But I know WHY I know what I shouldn’t know.

Without idiots civilization would not function because it was designed for idiots.
Desperate efforts to correct mistakes with religions like Islam, Atheism, Shopping have failed so far.

the tube

Sometimes you want to watch a movie on youtube, something for people with “IQ” that can not be expressed by any number or method, or listen to particular piece of music and you are all charged up and focused on entering its mood when suddenly, as an opener, youtube serves you an add so dumb, playing on such a primitive emotions, add designed for the most primitive among us, that you feel like your mind have just been raped by mechanical device to inseminate sheep. Youtube is the essence of what is wrong with mass communication. Youtube shits for money. On you.


Guns in the right hands, public, are just an overhead obstruction for those who wish to jump on our heads.
Kind of what God is but more physical.
Management through fear directed at those impossible to manage, released on us with vengeance .

So the comet is supposed to hit tomorrow. On 23rd of September.
It the Pope scared me for nothing (He didn’t but no one knows it),
because the comet doesn’t hit the Atlantic I am going to sue Argentine’s government for this Pope. What Pope did you give us Argentine?

Whenever I see a beautiful woman, she comes to mind.
So I see her constantly. It of course did happen before but I didn’t believe it could happen again. She became the embodiment of all beauty.

There is a proposal that came out of Poland to change Refugee Program to Refugee Exchange Program.
Poland takes refugees from Syria as equal number of “Polish” politicians is relocated to Syria. Germany will probably join, sending Merkel in the first transport to Damascus. Whole Brussels can be shipped to Syria this way.
Then US will get all the support from Europe to bomb Syria- it needs so desperately.