Alabama Talmud coming to the South.
-Rabbi, what about saggy pants?
– If you are a Jew in saggy pats, it is OK but if you are a goym in saggy pants you have to pay a fine.

– How much?
– Two goats.
– How often?
– How many goats do you have?
– I have down-payment for three goats at the moment.
– That’s OK. Let me calculate interest on a loan for three goats versus increase in value of three goats over my life-span.
– And?
– You buy goats, pay interest to me and then I arrest your goats for your saggy pants till you pay them off.
– But there is no way to pay off that interest.
– Don’t be so smart, son.
– I should have been born a Jew.
– Five thousand and you can become one.
– In what? Dollars?
– Let me check the current market trends.
…… bars of gold.
– My brain is full of gold. Take me.
– Seven years of slavery as a Shabbos goym.
– Five.
– Six.
– Deal. When do I start?
– Let me check whose dishwasher broke down and I will call you.

All humans here are locally migrant workers. Any attachment expressed by humans to the land any humans live on is an illusion. Valuables (like minerals) of the land
belong to THE NET OF Your OWNERS. You are lucky, humans, if you are used to extract and transform the natural resources for The NET, instead of being killed off for access to them. We are done with Nation concept of extraction. Chipped Mid-Brown slave with sloping eyes is the new management cry along the new slogan:
” we will help you think, if you help us manage your thoughts for better mining results”.

Earth is a place to keep hostages called humanity.
Exchange rate bothers me.

Sometimes I don’t want to be what I am so bad, that I wouldn’t mind being something else, including nothing. Which I am. Nothing hides best.

Why would waves of migrants from Africa into Europe be followed by shipments of arms for them dressed as Humanitarian Aid for Refugees?
I mean – how badly do we need Slaughter III for the creation of NWO?
We have already murdered millions of valuable people within ocean of human stupidity left to live and watch TV.

One day love.
I think love is about seeing possibilities of combined energies into one force.
Even for only one day. One minute. One eternal second.

What was the best place to see illegal immigrants building America and profit for Arab investors in America?
During lunch breaks at construction sites of Trump Towers in Florida, Chicago etc., when the food trucks came.
Trump, you hypocrite, go interview yourself in a toilet bowl, not mirror. Why?
I was looking at a unit in Trump Tower in Florida once and floor tiles were cut around toilet base instead of the base sitting on top of the tiles. I thought – what, Trump, can’t you pay them five dollars an hour to do it right?
Then he fucked original buyers of condos in his tower in Chicago, by kicking them out of the contracts using some technicality and tried to sell the units for more money, then the Jews in London (They are not even Jews, they are the spawn of Satan) have stopped credit to Americans and tried to crash “the bubble” and milk the “economic downturn”. They got what – 40-50 trillion dollars out of you, Americans? (Snake was eating its tail again). I like that expression. And poor Trump was in deep shit with his tower. I have no clue how he came out of this trauma but he did and now he is running for president. I wonder who bought this cheap big mouth with his Arab investors.
Shaving sheep with few big mouths surfing the waves of shaving – hobby of the rich and famous. I love the cycles of Central Banks run economy with worth its weight in paper – paper currencies.
I mean it is nice to bring Arab investors to US and have them spent money here instead of in Dubai or another desert joke but Trump = explain the nature of your success. You are a well paid big mouth. That is all you are. American cities are way too expensive and primitive to run to make sense. Look how beautiful Hiroshima is now.
I agree with a lot of things Illuminati do. And what their Big Mouths do.
Just don’t kill me or don’t drop the bomb on me.
I am kidding. I don’t give a flying fuck. Just try to use pain killers.
In water?
I will have that water with Earl Grey tea, please. Thank you, dear.
The only thing that can save US is an idea. You are not going to get it from this surfer. Get it from Hilary – sewer diver with experience dating back to Whitewater.
I blame the memory span. Not really.
I am like girls, girls want to have some fun.

“When you are in love you are never lonely, weak or defenseless. It is a feeling of Gods. Endemic to Gods. Some would, others would not, share it with us. ”
From a book Ashland by Robert Bronski

I would love to create a pill that makes everyone live for 170 years and for over one hundred years they would have to pay back money to everyone, the money they have stolen while people were working and paying illegal taxes on income to them.
Because we would – for once – make Democracy work for The People – and stopped them from introducing any bill to prevent that. Watching them go bankrupt first and in the end totally disappear from our Earth would be phenomenal.
– Bye- bye. Humanity got tired. Look for another host body.

What are Demons?
Demons are advanced alien technology operating in dimensions not accessible to most humans with high intelligence but with need for human bodies to have any real impact on reality.
DEMONS – Dimensional Entities Most Often Not Seen