Three Others

Is building a tower
What you need
When no sky lives above you ?

Invent time
It turns alive.

In golden frame you are
You were framed
Unpredictability Of three Others
God blessed your patterns

Tower of mind
Rescue me




It never happens the way it does.
Long runs require patience.
Patience is one of the daughters of eternity.
Eternal thinking in the world of daily sausage
And sex
We only become of what we absorb unless…
aware of ribbon that never gets broken by this
Or next

American ass raped slaves

I envy jag offs
their plastic or paper
seven cents brains
shy and gentle
educated to be corporate slaves
new world bitches
brave for a day white American retards
acting like faggots in heat
intelctual and soft
ass raped by Helgas and sex dolls
terrorized by weather
idiot box
or street born monkey
fellow citizens
spinned for fun by pedophile crypto Jews in positions of power and opinion
owned sheep
shit fed shitheads
failed genetic and social experiments
Yes we can brainless creeps
one nation drugged under sick Sun
fake Christmas lights
values of apes
cancer really

It is so much easier to be a caunt
memories kill
US must die to live

Response that hurts

If you like deep
you have a problem

Deep always runs deeper
sick always gets sicker
beautiful is the surface of ugly
song of technology with brain
biological know-how
Living Men
here on Earth where
you tauch things to learn
but only complicate them
response that hurts
all senses

Holographic sin

If you live your dream, what do you dream about?

Windows in your room?

Summer with nights only?

Skies you can watch from the dark side of some lonely

Flat Planet

where people are kept within limits of fake time,



Other constructs of dead science

And cloned with their own organs attached to them for ease and meaningless sins of skin and sick desires?


Fucken deep

mind game

If you don’t speak your mind
whose mind do you speak?
programmable mind
designed for average sheep
by mind specialists?
Or mindless mind of instinct lovers
to fuck or to eat
or maybe both and in that order
is your only answer to every
known and unknown problem in life you encounter.

Epidemic of questions…
who needs it?
at 3 am
at night
where I was born to this world
of herders and herds
and hidden Gods of fences
and perfect.

don’t ask me questions
I am a stone
a rolling stone
of mind

word of mouth. /m/

I like how this new Day One
has stayed at a consistent distance from me
miles of shadows behind
that I would burn people on the highway and eat
their livers and hearts
children and dogs
to finally
get away

and it will be blamed
Day One
in the rain and alone
by All-Seeing Blind Eye on me
and all of my deeds

still in labor
just another one of those lost cases of light
from late yesterdays and tomorrows
I give it life with brains I keep in an orange helmet for non-critical safety
on top of my critical neck
sweet can of filth and sorrow
I wouldn’t mind to break into million splinters of
sudden coincidence
and word of mouth
all over asphalt

eight minutes. /m/

I hurt eight minutes of my life

better die with good memories
than perfect dreams

eight scars
I must heal now with bandage of eternity

living body

its sudden confession
that has attached my face to every pain

under this Sun

made veins
vomit patient blood and provoked

all liers of skies into

purple darkness above

I surrendered

more than I ever had on any Earth
given or taken

for a taste of air in my mouth


I can’t believe that people think that

I can’t belive that people think

I can’t belive that people

I can’t belive that

I can’t belive

I can’t


12. /m/

just because there is no path

doesn’t mean you can’t follow me



in all directions

by finding ways you’ve always cheated yourself

out of Everything at Once

invented passage of time

Invented self

it’s purpose

died contained within design

how bizarre

I could never belive

my mind being more desperate

than its lack