love list

ear plugs
micro jump
shower credit from truckers
meth heads
motels and stuff
fuck it
leave at first light
book by 2
get off by 5
sleep in bad
fuel cell
repair kit
flyracing .com
(special op jacket, comes in black, mesh)
next day
no GPS
disable tracking
some cash
monument valley
Monday by noon
furniture polish
micro fiber
her picture
you found it
dumb ass

beauty pageant

all signs of it
written over my face I hanged
as a window into my vacant head
with its unexpected turns
I confess
fate got me tired
and I need to rent it to the best essence
someone else can find for me
to fill in the gaps between day and night
close and far
equilibrium and the cluster fuck
I was made of for this monkey beauty pageant
I out-did with patience

In and out

I got my life to go
let me check
but it is fucking annoying as Hell the way they serve it here
dirty and slow

come on
don’t look at me as if I had time to wait for eternity
I don’t
in and out

chop chop shift leaders
Gurdian Angels
Mexican Saints
Pain Dealers and Operators

I am in the fast line
love on the side
daily bread
honey mustard
po’boy death
dipped in sex and gravy

I want it fresh today
not tomorrow
not yesterday
and I want it now more than ever
you know what I am saying?
before the wait
makes it old
and hard to swallow



Would you live in a pot
if you were a plant
and thanked Gardener each and every day
for his care and love?
Or would you rather burn your flowers to ashes
during  heat wave
in the middle of beautiful summer
and thanked the Sun
for mercy?

alpha dog on a chain

with legs beaten off while taking fight to the next heaven
I think I am done
will prostitute myself
become dog in a shed
it is gonna get easier
golden chain
or TV set to make me bark all day at a tree
or me in a mirror
crazed with a dream of jerky treat
my kosher virgin
next door
and still
fear of flees
can’t hold me back

z odgryzionymi nogami
po ostatniej walce w niebie
skończyłem karierę
oddam się na kulawego psa do budy
będzie łatwiej
złoty łańcuch albo telewizor i będę szczekał na drzewo
albo siebie w lustrze
opętany marzeniem kiełbasy
koszernej dziewicy
w budzie obok
nawet pchły
nie mogą mnie powstrzymać

living side of darkness

do you see the Black Star
or do you see the Shining Sun
which frequency
awakens you to act?
explain themselves
on time
you brought upon yourself
by means of light
on living side of darkness

money and priceless don’t mix

Do you make money or does money

make you?
Whose money was it

that made you so far?
How much money did it take

to make you

who you think you are?

What really is it

money made you into?
Are you now

worth anything in money
per day
per hour
or are you miraculously

visible time

visible time
I lost it to blindness
whole hours
different ages
had it all sorted somewhere in seventh sky
condensed in crystal jars
collected before each sunrise
whole gallery
tribute to past and present
in case I need it
for an endless new life
or to create master universe with its
custom future
formation that never happened to any stars
till recently
somewhere at the very end of my mind

I am born
to lose it though

life still at 21

22 years later
I am still 21
as if I were 33 again
recovering from time
at almost 51
the incurable disease All get from eternity
where lesbians had loud
unconventional sex
that kept me awake at night
down the rivers of Past
I refuse to believe
I walked through

prayer to biological parents

thank you for woman’s womb
where my father and husband to you
as you were his wife
placed his seed
so I could be the son
of both flesh humans
naturally cloned with love
of painfully mine biological parents
whose caring souls
familiar portals from Above
watched over me more than any other foreign entity
time after time of these dimensions
safe from intrusions of school
idiot box and web
hate and aggression
of this manipulated world
I came to witness for a moment
for eternal God

I feel used
most subtle programming
patented changes
make imagery unbearable here