Missing my energy source

I didn’t go sailing with the German today.
He needs stuff on internet designed for his company. I absolutely love the guy. Need to warn him about few people around him.
Let’s call them partners from hell. Had few of those. I didn’t go sailing because again, spent few hours from early morning working through Skype with The Associate. Mainly on our invisible portal. If people like female Clinton had her way – my portal would be shut. Me too.
Imagine internet being as vicious as Wolf from CNN, as ugly as Wolfowitz from World Bank and as pathetic and monochromatic as Obama speeches. I might be agitated a little, I have watched V for Vendetta last night with only one thought in my mind: Did Natalie Portman do the movie before, during or after dating Nathaniel Rothschild – most likely one of the ugliest male humans on this planet.
But hey – Kissinger coming to dinners – every woman would find that attractive.
– Sir, would you like some more kischka?
– Whose blood is it, dear?
– Syrians.
– No thanks, I will wait for the blood of Jews who didn’t leave Israel on time.
I don’t know if David Rockefeller was coming but maybe his seventh heart was there for dinners even before the transplant. To get used to high life because most likely before it just belonged to some poor POW from Eastern Ukraine.
This is what wars are for – spare parts for the elite (among other things like money and control).
Poor Natalie. I am not a pedophile (no, I am not)  so I might be one of the very few men in this world who love her not because of the movie Leon, The Professional, its main character was played by Jean Reno’ he is a little similar to me.   His last two wives were Polish.
My last two girl friends were Polish too. One Polish Polish and one American Polish.
The Polish Polish one was more Khazar looking than Wolfowitz – you would need to travel through Israel for weeks and finally find only in Gaza someone so Jewish looking. The American Polish was a little Mongolian (those Mongol invasions still left mark in certain regions of Poland), she even made love the way you would expect from an Asian woman. Never mind.
I have never had an American woman. Unless she was Jewish. My Polish luck.
Even the last one I was curious about was Jewish. During one of the very first conversations we had – casual – she said she had no kids.
Possibly it was an invitation for me to be harassed sexually. I got her number somewhere here. I fall in love ALWAYS because of eyes.
She had that eyes. But you – besides eyes – have everything perfect – mainly energy. Absolutely perfect. My various scouts have confirmed my impression of you. You have sold buckets of coffee for that place. You will not even imagine.
Too bad I was already in love with you when I met her. I would suffer less. Who you are?
The Hebrew Queen of US because if you are any Dutch – it means you are a Hebrew from the Tribe of Dan.
Lan Dan (London)  – House of Dans.
Danzing (Gdansk in Polish)
Don (The river in Russia) – their travel and trade route.
It doesn’t mater. I love your eyes.
I always thought of myself as some left over Dan in Poland because I am very judgmental of everyone, including Jews, which is not a common habit among people. But I should have been a military commander when I look at myself. That would be what Levy?
I was an officer in Vietnam. Not high rank but I had people under me that I had to make sure are left alive after the trip. When I was shot in the left kidney I was alone, very tired, running from the enemy, got shot from the back, bled to death within minutes. Still remember the warmth on my face. Sometimes.
Natalie Portman has been an object of my admiration since the movie in which she had to kiss that gay actor and pretend she didn’t know he was gay really. Great job. Great actress.I felt like – no, please Natalie, kiss me instead. This guy is gay.
That’s when I have fallen in love with her. Out of pity.
At the time I was at the the cinema and I don’t think she could hear me.
They used really thick fabric for the screen in this one. My Polish luck.
Why you can trust I love you?
Because during your whole life you will meet very few people who can honestly say that they are impressed with you for not being just:
a/ of opposite sex
b/ attractive physically
What is the word for me?
Whole of me know what it feels.
If you knew how difficult it is to find someone you want at first sight and all of you without ANY hesitation.
Usually men want women for themselves.
I walked away from the place realizing – I would limit you. You can do better UNLESS I change.
I also I don’t like kindergarten soap operas.
I am working on myself. Always really did. How?
I have started listening to my inner self and it tells me – one day you will understand I was good for you.
That’s how I look at four of 48 girlfriends I had. Four of them have made me a better person.
I can be in love with Natalie Portman – The Queen of Jews and you – The Queen of Hebrews while remaining perfectly sane Slav.
Where does the word Slav come from?
It comes from a Slavic word – Slava – Fame/Recognition.
In the old times we used that word to greet each other:
– Slava
– Slava.
– Fame to you.
– Fame to you.
So when the Hebrew Tribes moved to Celtic/Slavic Europe our people would say – Slava
and the Tribes thought we are saying our name, who we are.
We were just saying – Hi (fame to you).
And it stayed this way. Then Nazi historians, England is full of, started rewriting history a lot (fools)  so I have to tell you who you are:
– The Hebrew Queen of US.
Don’t be shy about it. These tribal wars are confusing. They messed up New Amsterdam and now it is New York – the capital of Israel, but it should be called the capital of Judea. All I am saying is that I will not forget you easy, my Queen.
It is so much easier to have sex, spend three months together, walk away and then forget.
I still believe we will go to a theater or to a dinner ( I would prefer diving trip to some coral reef or sail between islands) to talk to you, while reading your eyes – because you are the most perfect being I have come across in my life so far based on everything I have always looked for. I wish for the God to have mercy on me and arrange few things in a different way: mainly time but He likes to watch me
inhabiting my world with solutions to my problems. I am going to impress Him again. He is already impressed how with how honest I am. He expects more though. Much more.


Five thousand and One as me

Five thousand unique visitors on my Blog in September, mostly from Western Europe. Western Europe is where people are civilized but not total slaves yet, so it is somewhere from Russian Far East, through Turkey and Warsaw to Madrid including Oslo and Berlin and French Algeria in Southern France.
Actually American Western Europeans lead so I should remain a candidate for US Presidency instead of more fake European Union Presidency. Since I am a mixed breed Pole – there is one promise I can make to Polish Americans. I will visit you in Chicago as US president and I will not call IG Farben concentration Camps built by Germans in occupied Poland – Polish Concentration Camps like President Obama did. They teach poor history in Kenya, Indonesia and Hawaii – it looks like. These CIA boarding schools are confusing.
I will call them Labor and Experimental Big Pharma Camps to let Germans off the hook once.
They have suffered a lot.
So if Germans decide to make me a Chancellor of Germany – I will accept it but I must warn them that I don’t work for Zion or Communist Intelligence – so please, make sure dear Germans to make an educated choice this time if you really want someone transparent for a change. Merkel – the communist and Zionist Mother Theresa got you well again, almost like Adolph.
I will help you be friends with everybody including Turks and Arabs and I WILL STOP the Invasion under the condition that you apologize Poland for ONE THOUSAND YEARS OF GERMAN NAZISM.
I will not provide a Russian girlfriend for every German like Hitler had or Putin has, either.
I will allow you to keep England though. But don’t count on placing German Tsar in Russia again. Khazars are in control now and I am not going to argue with BiBi. He reminds me people I hate to argue with and if he brings his audience (like he did to Congress) I stand no chance because I hate yelling and clapping makes me death for days. Politics is a show of camouflage. My only camouflage is me.
It might not be good enough for politics. I will try though. Other things I try – I have started my first job as an interior designer.
I have picked what I want.
What’s the name of the style?
“Polish Refugee of XXI century American Style between Bush and Clinton Dynasties. Modern.”
What is the style about?
Not wanting to leave the interior.
Interior Design is easier. Comedians die more often.

Graduated Level of Stupidity


When Americans don’t learn or are not taught the truth but instead are brainwashed by fake Zion with fake “history” – this is what happens: (article above).
I will elaborate on the subject on Columbus Day.
Columbus is the most in the world known member of Jagiello Dynasty – Kings of Poland and Lithuania.
The most known member of that Dynasty to Poles was its creator:

Władysław II Jagiełło,
(had to convert Lithuania to Christianity to become King of Poland)

He has won the biggest battle of Medieval Europe – the battle of Grunwald (Tannenberg) in 1410 against Nazi Christians called
Teutonic Knights of the Hospital of the Blessed Virgin at Jerusalem.
In short – Medieval German Nazis. Medieval German Nazis have called it a crusade and invited Knights from all over Western Europe to fight united Polish and Lithuanian Army. So the battle is known in history as the biggest slaughter of Western Knights in one place at one time and the end of the era of Western Knights.
Since then Western Knights pissed their pants knowing not only common soldiers will die this time and there will be no mercy due to social status, war became war for all, not just the poor. High borns we take you to hell with us.
Why did Western Knights fucked up?
Because they have listened to Nazi German Propaganda and allowed themselves to be commanded by Nazi German Knights and they were seriously stupid.

– a/ – they let heavy armored Western Knights (including Nazi knights) – sit in the open battlefield for hours in August Sun and wait for the battle. Idiots that don’t know Confucius do that.

– b/- their main commander like an idiot was sitting with them and in the first line, sweating, swearing and farting like during some medieval Oktoberfest.

What did Wladyslaw Jagiello
(grandfather of Columbus) do to deal with Medieval Nazis?

a/ Did not participate in the battle like brainless barbarians from Germany did then, he watched the battle from the near by hill, supervising it and managing it for victory like Caesars did.

b/kept his troops in the forest before sending them to the battle,

c/ Sent Light Lithuanian Cavalry to the battle first (suicidal reconnaissance troops) to map the layout of Nazi anti-Calvary traps and their artillery positions,

d/ Used Polish Heavy Cavalry for decisive blows,

e/ built first in Europe (I think) in Medieval Times pontoon bridge to transport his army over a river to induce battle on the Nazi barbarians at the time of his choosing,

e/ introduced quite LIBERAL law as far as German loot to make common soldiers fight harder.

f/ Grandfather of Columbus was a commander, not a dumb ass like barbarian one was.

g/ how should the Battle of Tannenberg of 1410 be remembered ?
It should be known as Stalingrad That Took One Day.
Some Russians and Czech troops participated in it as well.
Thank you for that from Poles and Lithuanians (who really were Belorussians).
The second most famous member of Jagiello Dynsaty was

Wladyslaw III Jagiello son of Wladyslaw II Jagiello, and the father of Columbus.

What did he do?
He has caused the Eastern Roman Empire to fall (Byzantium).
He has started the Fourth Crusade against Ottoman Empire as King of Poland and Hungary (and Croatia I think) and
LOST IT all at the Battle of Varna in 1444.
As a result of his actions and breaking of the truce with Ottomans –
war has followed and Constantinople has become Istanbul as a result.
HE did not die DURING THE BATTLE (official history). His body or armor was not produced by the Ottomans which was a custom at the time after the battles.

He was saved by Serbian partisans, spent many years in Palestine, moved to Portugal, married a Portuguese Princess and COLUMBUS WAS BORN from their Union. Of Portugal and Poland/Lithuania. Of course it is much more complicated. Read about Henry The Sailor, Jews, Vatican, Spain- versus Portugal and where Great Britain takes over. German motifs are unbelievable.
America was taken from a German ruler of England.
Back to Jagiellonians: Vladislav and Colon (Columbus) Father and son, both, were highly educated people and both were SAILORS.

Wladyslaw III and Columbus.
His life must have been a conspiracy (of both actually) and … USA was born to
avenge the loss at Varna of 1444 and loss of Byzantium to …. THE MUSLIM WORLD. (The birth of US took some time with many kidnappings along the way, most not-known one in 1913).

On Oct 12, 1492 – the grandfather of Wladyslaw II Jagiello – King of Poland and Lithuania – COLUMBUS – has reached HIS NEW WORLD, The Promise of better future for Europe – where the new EUROPEAN civilization will be born to SAVE EUROPE  from Muslim oppression and danger and where a new Empire to replace the lost one to Ottomans – Byzantium, will be born.
I am against inner fights as much as against all wars in general. I hate manipulation of humans. It is degrading all of us. I am against conflict and mass murder to maneuver the herd through time and consciousness.
New World should rely on Old World’s wisdom more. See through its many conspiracies. For a better world for all of us. Everywhere.

So Dear Americans,
if you don’t know or understand history:
SHUT UP< EAT AT MCDONALD and let smarter then you work on this planet.
Fly to the Moon in Nevada instead. (Those tricks to create an Empire and generate profit).
I am just mean to liberal Americans – who are well-known fuck-ups.

If you wish to change history and the future, please argue with me and welcome Refugees in Europe today and tomorrow.
I also know some of the future.

Also – what I personally believe:
– Khazar Conspiracy is more Muslim in its nature than anything else.
– Homo Americanus is becoming dangerously close to Homo Sovieticus
(genocide was used in Russia to create Homo Sovieticus)
( programming through education, media, use of debilitating brain foods and water have replaced genocide – for now – in US.)


Featured Image of Presidency

As an unofficial candidate for US Presidency, as I have mentioned earlier – I am a little worried about candidate from India: Jindhal (or something like that), but I am also worried about possibility of Trump becoming the President due to the need for a Change of First Lady. Trump comes well qualified in the department of bedroom security.
Still the Queen of US I would give America …. I am missing words here.
Above – Trump’s Candidate for a First Lady.
I do not have any pictures of the Queen of US and will probably never do.
If you want to know how the Queen of US looks like – vote for me in 2016.
She might change her mind.

I am in a mood for sincerity today. Facing this avalanche of visions proceeding the maze we call future, pushed in front of my eyes in emotional bits and pieces, mostly as messy collage of other people emotions. BIG ANIMALS will trample HUMANS soon. That’s what makes me think of you.
You find a beautiful plant and you wish for it to become a beautiful tree.
It has been one year, any day. One year since I saw you and fell in love with what I SENSED about you. You will not understand, you are too young. I have been through many pussies and boobs in my life. Once I counted the girl-friends, wrote their names and times. Girl-friends I decided to be relationships of minimum of three months. Came out to forty eight women, if I remember right now. Lost the paper. Obvious proof there is something wrong with me.
Out of all of them only four mattered, left a mark, from six or seven different countries they were. Mostly Jewish, American, Polish, French.
Each made me. Each was made to my dreams.
I am totally unprepared for the rest of my life. I was when I was your age but I didn’t expect to live past thirty some years. I am very well aware of the rest of my life but I wasn’t prepared to see someone so perfect in my eyes. I am dealing with it. First had to see my reflection in other people to get some hold of myself, then got busy with what matters to me. When I was with the girl who wanted to be a super model and was absolutely beautiful, six feet, religiously one hundred and twenty pounds, no red meat, she worked part time as a waitress in a Jewish restaurant up north. I got her the job through a friend, an Israeli Jew. He watched her for me over there.
But there was this other Jew, who got crazy about her. Absolutely crazy. Would follow her to  Metra train station to talk to her.Train was another thing.
Everyday she would come home and put business cards of men, smiling, at all these freaks – who tried to hit on her or just gave her business cards.
It was happening with my last girl-friend a lot too. And D. who got offer to pose for Playboy and refused. There are few funny stories related to it like the furniture I bought, went to pick it up and they apologized, they ranted it for a photo-shoot for Playboy, at Playboy. I told D. about it, she laughed but always refused to have sex on it.
She considered Playboy for low-lifes. The Jewish guy would call our home and talk to  Anna 9first mentioned here)  like a mad men.
He was quite weak with the language, obsessed with few words, unpredictable. He would keep saying :
-but Anna, Anna, Anna, dear, listen I love you Anna
– please don’t say that
– No, no Anna, Anna, I really do.
I was listening to them and telling her how to answer.
She had to quit her job after he has stolen her purse, probably to find out where she lives.
I also found out his family had a history of mental disorders and his brother a shoot out with someone but didn’t stand a trail because of his mental condition.
I dread these situations. Especially now when I am his age. My girl-friend was twenty one then, I was twenty five. I really didn’t expect to live to that age I exercise.
Then the girl – I confused you for and later carried on after realizing my mistake – that was terrible.
Alpha male on a look out, preying. Last time I was deeply in love – was five years ago, with a nineteen year old stripper from Detroit. In Florida.
I went there drunk, with a friend, out of curiosity. I started with the beautiful blonde. I did not touch her. Or didn’t let her touch me. Spend over a grand on her that night. Later in the evening, even more drunk, I had three of them. Amazing girls, young and beautiful.
I set on the sofa on the opposite side of the cage-room (?)
– what the hell are you doing in this place?
how can you be so young and so beautiful and do this?
I did touch them but the way you touch apples, oranges, flowers. Curious.
– I have so many friends,  great guys up North who would die to have a girl like you.

Melody quit that night. She really did. Manager was supposedly angry with me as hell.
Later, I could get into my car at 8 pm and drive all night to Florida to see her for two hours and drive back. The one I had chemistry with.
I did not help the one I wanted to save the most. She got pregnant with someone, started taking drugs to have an abortion, I didn’t recognized her when I came back, blamed myself for not keeping the pressure on her. She did try to leave. But I didn’t recognized her. I am not surprised when I don’t recognize people or they don’t recognize me.
Life can be more than just a trip. I used to kayak a lot while in Florida. Later. After the last girl-friend.
Let’s just say that I am a pedophile specializing in young, legal women.
I had only two women older them thirty during my whole life. One was ten years older. The other one was one night stand I went crazy about on the spot, she turned out to be fifty six. Twenty years older then me. She is probably dead now. It is terrible – the death thing, from a perspective of living here. My philosophy helps me – live as if each day you were born anew but never hurt others who were just born like you. Being stuck in the molds is absolutely not for me. I am sorry I am who I am. I will go away.

Found a way home

Pills worked. In the world of metal, this has happened exactly year ago. Good  music in the morning. Not bad at all. Twelve hours of sleep. One of waking up. Not like last night when I woke up at 3 am and couldn’t sleep any more.

What was the dream about this time?
I was at some conference. Alien writing was discussed.
I met an architect I knew years ago. Specialized in commercial stuff. He was half German half Romanian (real one). He was quite prominent figure at the conference, came u
p to me and thanked me for coming and for being his neighbor. Surprised I asked:
– Where were we neighbors?
He pointed at one of the alien building on Mars being displayed
on the huge screen :
– there.


Be considered

These strange people who run for US presidency always ask for your support.
Be considerate.
I run from US presidency and please, please , don’t support me.
I am trying to become a postal worker, an employee of a Federal Postal Service or similar. Of anything with Federal in its name like Federal Reserve or Federal Express. Federation soldier in Star Wars could be good for me too. Unless Global is better. Then employee of anything with Global in its names like:
Global Reserve, Global Association of American Housewives, Global Express, Chicago Council on Global Affairs, Global Chip, Inc.
I will not lie on this blog.
I still give many Amish thoughts (meaning strange looking thoughts) to  running “for” instead of “from” US Presidency and look at my competition occasionally. It does not look that good. I could easily win. Bush and Clinton dynasties are in it, but they are being weakened by their recent claimants to the throne of United States of USSA. They are weakening themselves each time they speak.
Others are too well prepared to give speeches like president Obama to be considered fresh blood or good prospects for a change or any other form of revolutionary mental stability.
Which candidate for US president is Bob Bronski most afraid of?
I must say: Jindal.
With India’s population, Americans will stand no chance of having non-Indian president. This could be a land-slide defeat for Bob.
Votes casted in Spain by Kenyans made Obama’s presidency possible, thanks to George Soros who was counting the votes.
These Israeli voting machines that can be attended only by Israeli technicians are another thing.
Poorly controlled elections are not kosher. If Jindal is kosher I am a toast. Which I love because, remember? – I run from presidency.
By fate it is already mine, but I would like to go fishing instead of drinking pure vodka with this Mongolian Looking NKVD boyfriend of frau Merkel – Putin.
Serious international problems remain :
is Merkel’s title : Frauer Merkel or Murer Merkl.
STASI and NKVD (recently called KGB  and other bad names) are united now.
You are not that far apart if you confuse KGB with KFC.
Both are murderous organizations run by Colonels. Even I do with my Central European upbringing.
Anyway, I am worried daily that not much is left out there to fight with and after all, while still reluctant to accept the presidency I will possibly at some point in the near future,be forced to memorize the words :

“I do solemnly  affirm that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

First of all – after Obama there is no Constitution left. Second – United States does not include the US State of Mexico which is a major flaw in the USSA visual presence on Russian maps. Look at Russia! They have everything they want including Syria. We have to fly over Canada to get to Alaska. Why isn’t Canada a USSA State still bets me. Florida is. Hawaii is. Bahamas are. Dry Tortugas. Warm things are. There must be something structurally wrong with Canada, just like with Puerto Rico and Cuba. I guess communists live in Canada.
I will look into it once a president. And they have burnt White House while we did not burn downtown Toronto, suburb of Detroit, when we could. Canadians, we not only remember Alamo, we remember White House.
Just in case I can’t run from my fate of becoming USSA president, I have already took steps any future president would take:
a/ I am sexually harassing the future Queen of US, a gentle and beautiful woman from a place up North, to warm my heart when we live in the new location of the White House: Nassau, US Bahamas.
b/ developed a master plan.

What is the master plan of Bob Bronski to be elected US president? It is still a secret in plain view.
a/ negative campaigns on negative opponents (the only ones he faces this election)?
b/ fake polls done in Clefeland, Ontario after 3 am in all gay night clubs for Pakistani Canadians ?
c/ being straight?
d/ anti-war?
e/ friend of Jews and people who work on the future?
f/ foe of Mexican pinatas on birthdays parties for Hondurans?
g/being married to Barbara Streisand in a Muslim Ceremony of kick to the head?
h/ killing off opposition in FEMA Camps with Monsanto food rations and free lottery tickets?
i/ having pictures taken with the strongest in bed woman in a world – Analina Merkel and posting them on Putin’s Facebook page to start a winning war? (Kind of Trojan thing).
j/ Making president of France return to Libya the money Sarkozy have stolen and spent on cleaning his face from numerous  apple-pies?

NO !

Bob Bronski will just wait and see. There is no better option. They will destroy themselves by talking to his hand.
What is Bob’s Bronski election day war cry?
” Americans are not born, they are made. Make one yourself.”

Who is left to try to fight me:
(lets get some straight answers from the most Jewish newspaper in this world after Jerusalem Post and Jews for Jesus newsletter):





Master said to say I still do.

-Add new post.
-What for?
-Don’t ask. Add new.
-OK. What about?
-That it is full Moon and that you still do.
-I do.
– That’s my boy. I like to watch man in love.
– Can I go now?
– Yes. Where to?
– Swimming.
– Pray in the water when you dive. I like that. I am still working on it.
– You don’t have to, I have made my mind up.
– Whatever. But you do?
– Yes.
– That’s enough. Go now.
– Stop telling me what to do.
– that’s my job.
– No it is not.
– Then do what you wish.
– I will talk to the water instead.
– Fine.
– And listen to some New Age video.
– You welcome.
– Play “decapitated” .
– which song?
– day 69.
– I like that song.
– what you gonna do about it, God?
– Nothing.
– What do you mean?
– I am leaving everything to you. Don’t expect to get to know her.
– You see, you are threatening me now.
– with nothing? how am I threatening you by doing nothing?
– you see, you just did it again.
– pray in the water to me.
– You won. I will pray till I drown, are you happy?
– Yes. And when you play that New Age bullshit, made sure volume is low.
– what about 69?
– that you can play loud. I will watch the Moon with you. It has suggestions for me.
– it is eclipsed now.
– yes, Moon whispers now.