Sexual harassment: idee fixe for slices of brains

I will not give it too many thoughts. I have limited number of thoughts to use during this life time and my magic poach with thoughts might be getting empty by now. When the guy said: “It is sexual harassment” I looked at him like an SS officer with Jewish grandparents would look at the picture of his grandparents during Rosh Hashanah eating gefilte fish.
His Nazi political correctness would not allow him to approve any of this. Officially. Otherwise he would be just like Young Turk but more German.
I am different – my political correctness is about refusing any political correctness shorting my brain cells. Hate this religion more then pictures of Obama’s head in a bouquet of Sun rays on t-shirts  sold in boutiques on the South Side of Chicago. Even African Americans, who are Americans not African American (another political correctness practical joke for morons) are reluctant to approve them now.
God bless them for that, this fish head is stinking. (Most people will not understand what I just wrote).
Guys, you will have to eat it at some point because it is Jewish New Year.
Back to sexual harassment. Google does it all the time- I have no time for kosher google now either.
Our usefulness as mental slaves is questioned everyday but only if we think.
Why do we walk into molds created for easier herding by hostile shepherds?
Why be a goat raped in the head with stereotypes ?
Why be if someone thinks for you but you still claim to have a brain of your own?
I was not given a chance. That’s OK. Do I complain?
No. Most of the time I fuck it and go on.
Einsteins brain was cut up after his death like German blood sausage on German New Years Eve to make a point of a lie.
Pursue the lie. But they did it against his will after he was dead. The world is full of people though, alive, walking with their brains already cut up into slices of pure idiocy. I love questions instead of answers. Questions are more open. I will get to know you better not through any answers. Will you get to know me ? No.
No answers – that’s stimulating, it keeps me going. The search. If you were an answer to anything, I wouldn’t find this arrangement attractive. You have accelerated my mind into New Worlds I gave up on. I hope that is not an answer, what I wrote.
ZOO is not my favorite place. Can you imagine how Einstein feels walking the labyrinths of hell without his brain? He is not a genius there like nowhere else.

Believable not

A friend has called me to find him a house in Florida.
Finding a house in Florida is like finding a straw in haystack. You don’t know where to start.
It is all straws.
– you know that Florida is either worthless or overpriced?
– No.
– Now you do. How much money do you want to lose?
– about half a million.
– how much money do you want to make on losing half a million?
– it is for me, it is not important.
– how about you buy for four hundred and make one fifty but never sell it?
– that’s what I am looking for.
– how big of a boat you plan?
– 40 feet.
– Sail or motor?
– motor.
– do you want stupid or intelligent people as neighbors.
– doesn’t matter.
– Fort Lauderdale.
– nature or nightclubs?
– both.
– Fort Lauderdale, close to the expressway on the canal. Concrete or shack?
– concrete.
– Half of town is still in foreclosure. OK. You are buying tea tomorrow.
– Sure.
(I didn’t tell him I expect UNBELIEVABLE TO HAPPEN with the economy. He will not buy that fast. He is safe.)
( I lit my Hawaiian torches now. To get into the mood of finding a dram house for a friend. That’s how I remember Florida.
My employee bought a new car.
– Do you think it will make it to Florida?
– Of course.
– I pay gas, hotels and daily salary. Do we go now?
– Why not?
– We got into his new car and drove Chicago – Key West non-stop.
Almost. We died somewhere by Loo Key. Went to sleep. Mage Key West in the morning.
Went diving, Slept another night in Key Largo. Drove back. It was a nice week-end. My first in Florida. Long time ago.
Later I had an accident with a girl with his car. Insurances were not mandatory yet.
– Listen, I will give you my car for a week, give you some  money and fix your car.
– OK.
She took my car. After a week I gave her her car back fixed and we went for a dinner. Nice, crazy girl. I knew she must have been from another, North state. She was too wild and too sweet for Chicago.
So I asked her a  question:
– How did you manage to make three thousand miles in one week?
– I went to visit my parents in Colorado and boy-friend in Wyoming.
I still paid for the dinner. My kind of a woman. A little rough on the edges but a gem.


Germantown in me

It is Germantown Day on this blog. Love the band.
This is it. This is more American than Coca Cola and McDonald’s.
This is like … mountain men with guitars.
This is like white Obama or conservative Clinton.
This is the essence of massage so pure, Muslim virgins in Muslim paradise are dirty next to these guys.


“Every day I wake up we drink a lot of coffee and watch the CNN
Every day I wake up to a bowl of clover honey and let the locusts fly in.
Lobsterbacks attack the town again
Wrap all my things in aluminum
Beams of darkness streak across the sky
Pink rays from the ancient satellite

Every time I look out my window same three dogs looking back at me.
Every time I open my windows cranes fly in to terrorize me.
The power of the Holy Ghost
The power of the Holy Ghost

Shadow of the New Praetorian
Tipping cows in fields Elysian
Saturnalia for all you have
The seven habits of the highly infected calve

Swan diving off the tongues of crippled giants
International Business Machine
Choking on bits of barley bread crumbs
Oh this burning beard I have come undone.
It’s just as I’ve feared. I have, I have come undone.

Bugger dumb the last of academe.
Okkam’s razor makes the cutting clean.
Shaven like a banker, lilac vegetal.
Break the glass ceiling and golden parachute on down.
The power of the Holy Ghost comes to town.

Shadow of the New Praetorian
Tipping cows in fields Elysian
Saturnalia for all you have
The seven habits of the highly infected calve.”

Demons in the White House

Pope was called in. I can’t go with it any further.
I am in trouble with so many people I can’t afford to anger Jesuits.
Have you ever watched Seinfeld?
I have. Jews can take a joke. Even Germans when not in a tank, but Jesuits – I am not sure. Stalin couldn’t.
I wanted to post a link but google first said that the connection has timed out and later that it is unable to connect.
Yes, I don’t need Jesuits to hate me.
I knew only three Jesuits. All three were priests.

I was going to contact one about demons. I might still do. Imagine.

– How can I help you, Bob?
– I am under demonic attack.
– How do you know?

– (my monologue for 7 hours)
– I see. I can’t help you. Talk to them as if you were not afraid.
– Is it even possible?
– I doubt it.
– I actually did, Father.
– And?
– They left.
– Could you tell me how you did that?
 -Yes Father. I said: you are not going to win but you will lose me and with me dead any possibility of dealing with me again in the future. Stop now.
– Did they stop?
– Yes. Now they are gentle. Waiting for a better moment.
– Did it come yet?
– Kind of. I am in love. I am weakened by love, desire, longing.
-Can you still remain yourself, Bob?
– Yes, but it is not fair. It is a nightmare to be in love.
– I know how it feels, dear Bob. They offered me to become the Pope.
– And?
– I said: if you make me a Messiah , only then I will think about it. They weren’t interested. They went to see some other guy by the name of Frank. Do you have any regrets because of your choice, Bob?
– Yes. They broke my favorite coffee mug in the middle of the  night. From Snowmass.
– I can see you are not telling everything, Bob. Say it, Bob.
– I won’t. Till death us part.
– Who, me and you?
– No. Me and Demons, Father.

Too Polish to be a loser.

On the days that I would call bad  because of what I am about to describe I feel this way about not seeing you.
This music reflects the feeling perfect.
And of course this is telepathic sexual harassment I have no control over.
I am an expert on telepathic sexual harassment through experience.
It is rare that I do it but I do it because it is in me. I know who is calling me before I answer the phone or look at the number because this person has been thinking about calling me. As long as the thoughts were present – I sense them, if I were the subject. I know when I am in danger because people that are angry at me – are thinking about hurting me. I sense their convulsions.
I know when to call my friends or family members. They say:
– I was just going to call you.
– I know.
I also sense if I can win a chess game with someone before I start to play. It is a form of mind reading.
I am imagining that I am kissing your neck now. It is legal.
I hope your boyfriend does it all the time. Only then you know what I am writing about.
God messed up so bad.
OK. I will write the truth and total truth now.
I believe you are part of my recovery through suffering caused by all the elements I would normally need being impossible.
That’s why I said one year.
That was hope.
Hope is for losers.
That’s why I keep doing what I said I would. Because I can be down but I will not be a loser. I am too Polish to be a loser.

More truth.
If you really want to know how I feel sometimes about what is happening in my mind on days like this, open another window and play this music simultaneously but start the second video 11 seconds after you started the first one. It is more how it feels. I do that all the time with certain pieces of music. At times here, you will hear a heartbeat.

Alarm clock

Song that I have set up as my alarm clock couple of months ago.
Lyrics are dedicated to you (in my mind).
It is always good to get used to the sound of Polish when living in Chicago.
It is a major enhancement in the city and we are dying off. Half a million Poles left Chicago land within the last 7 years.
Mainly to South America and back to Poland.
You have provided the best wake up call for me ever.
She is the usual wake up call.



over the curb

I gave up on many today. Things, people and their ridiculous combinations. You came with my favorite tea. Andrew with sailing, The Associate with dreams,  couple of losers with cars I sometimes need, Tom with good word, Veronica with joking around, many other arrangements of people and things.
Collage of interactions.
I am going to concentrate on little tasks and later get out of here. Far. In the past I could move to Indochina in one day. I stupid didn’t.
Then I still didn’t lose my programming of dates, timing, purpose. Now I did.
I am hanging in a beautiful place made of poverty, respect and confidence. And I watch for fun.
I watch everything I see. How it reflects in me. I suffer a little, when missing reflections of what I love to see.
I will be OK soon. I trust myself. I wonder of course how much of me is me and how much of other people have reincarnated in me.
Another collage of interactions. There was this French general who claimed to be reincarnation of Adolf Hitler.
Some other famous people being reincarnations of past historical figures. But I lived in the past. I am reincarnation of myself and
I have never seen you before. I only looked for you. Sorry. That’s harassment. I will call police on me.
No. I will start a hunger strike to protest treatment of me by myself.
I will stop posting to you in a couple of weeks. We both need to breath. I have stuff to attend to on this blog.
God, I am retarded and selfish.
Never mind the lyrics. I liked the title and I was using it somewhere else.  (what a terrible song)  :)


All that bonds all together

I am not a US president yet, but I promise you America, that I will defend the Queen of US from whatever comes through the gate to get her.
Christians? That will be much, much harder.
Heaven? She could be my Heaven that’s how badly religious I am.
Video does not matter, lyrics do.


Saturday jazz to wake up

On Green Dolphin Street  by Bronislaw Kaper.
My friend – an artis also from Warsaw (that’s three of us Varsovians) – did this metal entrance for Dolphin Street club on Webster. Jazz club.
Closed now.
We were secretly laughing at him because no one liked it. He did few pieces for me – when I was building houses. Lives in California now.
Did quite a lot of stuff in Bucktown before yuppie invasion. Yuppie invasion is similar to Arab invasion. But I have no time today to explain.
I hope you like it. Yuppie invasion closes a lot of good stuff. Thinking first of all. If Kapler saw you, he would love you at first sight. Everybody does.
I believe in honesty. Always did. There was and is this slogan on Currency Exchange on Grand and Chicago ” Honesty is still in style”.
Closed now. Jay owned it. Gypsis got him for two hundred grands.
You can’t trust everybody. I am not doing anything but playing with writing because Mr. Above told me that’s the only thing I should be doing.
I didn’t believe him till I saw you. I wanted to see you again so bad I even confused one other girl for you. When you were gone for few months.
Doesn’t matter. Energy explained to me my mistake. It works for me now. Thanks, Mrs. Goddess.
Tomorrow I will explain my mistake in detail. It has to do with Florida and abortion. The confusion.