Dream Saturday

Still broke but had enough money to buy me turkey sub at PuertoRicans. Not enough to buy coffee though.
They put that sandwich on the menu for me. Now I have a conspiracy to force them to have hot tea (Earl Gray and English Breakfast) on the menu as well.
That was an hour ago. We made arrangement – The Associate went to smoke, I went to get the sub. We have been four hours into work already
He in his house in Zabrze (Hindenburg in Nazi language), Poland. I am in Humboldt Park, Puerto Rico.
I was working with The Associate since 5 am. trying to move that pile of websites we have in front of us but instead of working on the ones
for JCC, we have concentrated on our secret portal I have been using for over three years now. It got better after today.
I am consolidating content and improving graphic design. I am the eyes he is the brain.
I can see the end, only one component is left to do but I believe internet life with its variety will help me figure that one out soon. It will come by itself.
Got the whole idea few years back and it is still ahead of its time. Technology is not there so we will play according to what’s available and normal.
Easy to understand. Still need to make couple of movies to introduce and explain the website when I decide to make it available to the public.
I wish I had the money I used to have. I would hire twenty programmers to work on it and finish within a month.
Turkey sandwich was excellent. No tea to follow though.
They have opened a new coffee shop near by. Looks nice. When I needed coffee now I would swing by Dark Matter on Western – highly recommend their coffee.
Swung by few others meanwhile but they are just OK like the one I was using before.
I am looking for a place that rocks in all aspects of a coffee shop done right. If I don’t find one – I will open one.
I have a place, need to call the owner – whom ever that is – the place is abandoned now.
Anyway – coffee shops are for Americans with no ideas, before there was an epidemic of Mortgage Companies, now Coffee Shops.
Owning a coffee shop is a trend. Trends are for sheep. But we do love coffee shops done right, don’t we?
I go to sleep now. Later I will finally hook up Jacuzzi plumbing and spend whole day in a Jacuzzi – reading articles by others on my portal.
Virgin dip that will be.

2.20 pm
got the heaviest piece of my vanity top into bath. Two hundred pounds of white quartz. That was a bitch. Top floor. Two more: smaller side of the L-shape and side panel are next. Smaller so I will take both at once. Maybe. I like working by myself but managing slaves is fun too.
I used technique pyramids were built with, which is wrong assumption because pyramids were poured out of limestone concrete. Block by block.
I go back to  work now. The reason I made vanity this size is because first I made sure there was enough room to sit you on it and you will be comfortable if you want to lie down while I do my exorcism with love unseen yet in any other baths in this building – whoever you will be, woman.
I do not intend to have my own real estate again anywhere but I do want a personal jet and yacht. I do this bath so my friend who saved me while I was homeless, will rent it for more money. It is a great unit I will make it spectacular before I fly away in my jet.

4.38 pm
Cut the veggies and potatoes up for the soup. (I got tired of pasta).
In the middle of building pedestal for the Jacuzzi now. Small bath, big double, corner, Jacuzzi. Just like vanity top. Almost too big but I made it fit with elegance into the scheme.
Didn’t like the vase sink I bought for the vanity. Too feminine. Need to go with rectangular one and not that bright white.
I will get it on Monday. After I finish pedestal I will eat my soup – its name is GMO Lorain Ragu soup. I have no idea why Lorain. Fetish.
Soup is boiling (need to stop) right now on an electric stove taken from an old sailing boat – Christ Craft 39′.
After I eat I will install the tub on the pedestal in mortar and hook up drains. Faucet will sit on the deck I will build maybe tomorrow. It means I will shower in the gym again and swim in a pool, like I always do and pray in the water for the things I  love to come my way. Virgin Jacuzzi dip tomorrow morning.

5.15 pm
Soup is excellent. Probably because I didn’t try it while cooking. Kept working. Since I am by myself I couldn’t take Jacuzzi out by myself.
Hanged it above my head on ropes, by the ceiling, using joists, on sailing ropes I keep in a garage – jib sheets.
Need to put insulation so neighbors downstairs will not be driven crazy when I use Jacuzzi. That after I eat.
They invited me for a party last time. Four men, ten women. I had no Jacuzzi yet. Dumb ass.
I need to concentrate when I work now. I am switching music to … Dead Can Dance

6.59 pm
Batteries are drained. Will have to wait for them to charge. Music hypnotized me. It is getting late.
I have to come up with few bucks for gas to get to the gym.
I will probably work for one more hour to finish pedestal.
Need to call they guy so tomorrow I can buy that kayak I have found on Craiglist and try it somewhere. I can’t stand being here and wasting time. In this weather.
Boze, zastanow sie nade mna czasami. Dziekuje.
9.01 pm
Finished. I have a Jacuzzi.
I will go gym now and swim. The Associate is supposed to wake me up at 5 am.
Tomorrow we will work on a website of a Pole who became the King of Madagascar after sailing in the Pacific few years before Cook.
Cook did get eaten. Maurycy made Mauritius named after him. Poor Cook. I did visit the place of his death, I think I dived it as well.
Kona cost has the best manta ray night dives.



Money trip again

I am not hateful towards money and System behind it. It could be changed if change was possible. I have no idea if it is possible. Of course it is.  In current system I am broke today. I am so broke I need to find a breakfast. You either come to money or make money come to you.
I hope we will meet half way today. I know we will.
Sometimes I was so broke in the morning I didn’t have for a cup of tea.
I would figure that out quickly just to see you, get my shot of you, re-enter the system out of the place. The Dark Ages out there.
Because when seeing you I was in Paradise. Pretty much method used by assassins to program new ones.
It is good to be my drug of choice because drugged I do good.
Today is different. I never intend to see you again. Instinct of survival must be the driving force. I have very twisted one I am working with here. Fridge has Idaho potatoes and onions, pasta, Ragu souse. Emergency food only.
Frozen loaf of bread. I slice one potato, half onion, add garlic spice and marjoram, some pepper. Frying is used.  Ragu on the side.
Think about my day like a prince eating peasant breakfast.
I will do this and that to win with the Dragon. It is better to face the dragon on an empty stomach in case you get one of his silver arrows in the guts. Not today. Today I am OK. Today I slay the dragon and think about my Queen never to be seen again.
By the way – after that kind of meal YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST drink hot, water or tea.
Absolutely avoid drinks with ice. What do they serve at fast food places?
If people drunk ONLY HOT tea in US – they would have muscles able to support their weight.
Drinks on ice is genocide after fast food.
That was my fast food with no pieces of murdered animals in it. Followed by diet tea.
Maybe I will get thin again.
Like in this joke:
Fat kid screams happy, entering the kitchen
– Mommy, mommy I lost two pounds.
Mommy is frying fries for him, chips are already on his plate.
– Of course sweetheart. You got cancer.


I walked behind that girl and for the first times noticed the kind of hidden tattoo on her neck.
She once said she loves to be treated like a lady. She is very young. I treat her like a lady. Maybe twenty two. I am very confused by women recently. I will figure it out sooner by later. It is more complicated than I wish to communicate now. It is economy too.
Women DO NOT MAKE ENOUGH MONEY. I could write a book about it – what making men out of women (to collect taxes on their labor) did to them. 10% are happy, adventurous, liberated business women – 90% are slaves of big corporations. Unhappy and brainwashed with freedom. She is one of them because she is just a baby but a smart and independent one.
I am using religion, occult, New Age trying to figure out what the tattoo is about. Then decide to use common sense and fifth sense and it starts to seem to work. I do not want her to think that I am hitting on her. I could probably have her the next day because she likes talking to me too much and tells me a lot about what she likes and doesn’t. I have never mentioned her here. But I am curious about my findings and mention the tattoo.
– People ask me a lot about it. I never tell.
She turns around, stops.
– Do you like it?
– I like its simplicity. It is very catchy once you notice it.
– What do you think it means?
I tell her what I think. – Am I right?
– I never tell anybody.
She stops again. We were walking up the stairs now. Looks down at me. I walked behind to open all the doors for her.
– but I will tell you. It means exactly what you said.
I am happy my fifth sense turned out to be the winner.
It wasn’t that easy till I abandoned some knowledge and went for feeling.
Upstairs, as we set down with coffee she looked at me a little longer:
– How did you guess?
– Because as I followed you it seemed perfect graphic description of who you are and I think that’s who your are.
– Funny, even my parents don’t know what it means.
Coffee is very good. She did it as I asked – no cream, no sugar. Last time we talked for half an hour about her previous job.
Young Americans start their mature lives like immigrants almost. At the bottom.
I will need to see her tomorrow again. I love intelligent women who do not shy away from a challenge and are in control of their sexuality, confident and expecting to be attractive. That’s why she is a great salesperson.
She sold her mind to me during the very first conversation. I am walking an extra mile tomorrow to make sure she makes some money. Go into trouble to make sure her mind gets financial reward for being unique and real.
I did the same with Veronica. Without asking for anything stupid in return.

I didn’t know siding.

Saturday is my favorite day to do anything I need to do: like making some money to last through next week.
I started early, got money around noon. Then met with A.
I have found him a perfect house. It is hundred thousand above what he was planning to spend. He has bought me tea as arranged.
I have explained Florida to him better than he knows it. We have made an arrangement that we woul drive for a week, two weeks before he buys, up and down the state. I will show him Aripaka, couple of places in Fort Lauderdale and Port Largo.
Houses are like women, you can always find better ones unless chemistry gets involved. Then this is it, stop looking.
It has a deep swimming pool (8 feet at its deepest), about 150 feet on the canal.
Went to Starbucks on Ogden, but we have bought coffee and tea somewhere else to stay true to commitment of not buying at Starbucks.
We have bought it at a place where three, four years ago me and The Associate were meeting people to discuss the websites we were doing for them. Few other things happened there. Starbucks has parking though. No one cared we didn’t buy anything. Spent there an hour. Then he drove me to my car and I drove to make some payments.
I like the new girl at one of the places.
She is very attractive. Kept staring at her. I am addicted to talking to people. All. But talking with smarter people or beautiful women gives me most pleasure. But I couldn’t talk to her because her co-worker was there. With the co-worker I have an arrangement that if she gets divorced – we go out together. Whenever I stop by I ask her if she is divorced.
– Nope. I love mu husband but then she is too hungry for me talking to her and staring at her. I don’t know why. I didn’t say anything today – so she became more official and started watching me as if I were her property.
The other girl is younger, seems more experienced in dealing with men and is more attractive.
I used the receipt. Wrote on it:
– what is your name?
She smiled caught by surprise by the sudden attention and simplicity of the massage.
Wrote down her name. Moved the receipt on the desk back towards me, returned to reading computer screen still smiling.
Earlier I had to write down for her my phone number and last name so she could find me and print few pages out.
I was really tempted to write “will you call me” but I didn’t.
I never do that with strangers. I need to read her better. It is just sexual. No emotions other than curiosity and desire because she is attractive and seems provoking me. I am attracted to her. Life of a male is very sexual. Married men suffer more. I am not married. I can take it easy. All women are walking provocations. Ask Arabs banging goats.
I only wrote: very nice name.
She was expecting more than that. Young, beautiful women are easiest. They only have good experiences most of the time, with men.
That’s what we are supposed to give them and most of us do.
I am confused. I found a girl that does magic to me, decided to forget it, the best recovery is through another woman.
It is not going to work.
Best thing is to concentrate on leaving all these fateful but fruitless, recent Chicago arrangements behind. I remember why I left other places.
It is time to leave US.
I need:
2. Scuba-diving more than sailing
3. sailing more than woman
4. woman more than food.
I gave up on myself by being here. It must end. Anyway I have overstayed both of my visas – to low life and to high life.
Later went to see P. and he walked me through his house. California style, very open, modern with cool artifacts and great arrangement of windows/light and decks.
His kids played music for us. Brahms on the piano (his daughter), Deer Hunter music on a guitar (younger son) and some Brazilian classic guitar (elder son). All three speak four languages: English, Polish, Spanish and German. Great combination: English for the administration of the world, Polish for brains, Spanish for convenience, German for Nazi European Union. Chinese for manufacturing is missing.
They fed me and treated to music. Nice.
P. was one of the very first people I got to know in Chicago.
I remember my first night,  sitting is a cab from O’Hare to some place close to Old Irving Park and wondering when will we get to Chicago.
I thought all these houses covered with siding were chicken or rabbit farms. I didn’t expect people to live in them.
I didn’t know siding. So for few weeks Chicago seemed to me to be a giant chicken farm with the tallest building in the world in the middle of it, like a watch-tower.


Tough day. Tough thoughts. I like it this way. No emergencies yet, no fires to put off. Made a decision to go into interior design.
Got my first two jobs. Need to do a website. Everything seems wrong, wrong exits are taken.
I wish I had my boat. I would leave tomorrow. Even today. So I have found a boat I want. It means few months of hard work ahead.
Fate is against it, forces around all of us are extremely powerful, almost impossible to beat. Changes are coming and all I think about is … walking away from everything that is but there is no such option. Reality continues behind me. Follows. Makes me wait, hesitate, take few steps back.
What a life and on top of this I met S. today. I have known her since she was twelve. Then when she was twenty one, she wanted me.
Her mother wanted me even worse. Love is genetic. She had her mother in her, so it was kind of something to expect. I sensed someone watching me, turned around and it was her. I don’t think she liked what she saw, but herself she looked better than at twenty one. Much better. These funny arrangements of time and damage done by life.
I would never believe how beautiful she could look. I have always liked her but always considered her a baby.
Last person I could touch. At some point both of them were hitting on me, her and her mother. I was somewhere in between them.
Could touch her mother (an interesting elevator scene that would be) , never used S.
I am a little of a predator. I like to conquer. I hate meals. Conquest is more honest.
Next week I will just walk up to her and tell her that she looks beautiful. Beautiful Semitic eyes. Only then she will know I haven’t changed.
I was dating her friend. Older than her. And she was asking her about me constantly.
That’s how I got her friend. I walked up to her and said that she looked amazingly beautiful. Waited for a year. It was worth it.
But I am not that visual. I am after energy. Am I a vampire?
Rather not. I feed my energy to others. Elevated many people in my life. It doesn’t matter now. Nothing matters now.
So since nothinG  matters now, I will play with some interior design. My style.
I invented that style many years ago for myself. Did few interiors in it for myself.
I will also go into coffee business. I have five bucks in my pocket. While it is easy to go with five bucks into interior design, it is difficult to go into coffee business with five bucks unless I do it my way. Which I have already done. I am officially in coffee business. Not enough time for everything. Maybe I will make enough liquidity in interior design to invest in coffee business.
The company will be called Bronski Style Chicago Interiors for the American Middle Class Inc. or Polish Chicago Style Full Bodied Interiors for Jewish Customers up North Inc. or maybe
Bronski Unlimited, Inc. or Bronsky Interior Chicago Cabal Inc. or Windy City Wall and Paper Interiors Inc.
ProbablyI will call it Bronski, Ash and Ley  Inc. Ley is an Americanized Chinese partner. We need cheap materials from China.
NSA agents are laughing with me now. No they don’t. I like limestone with imprints of fossils a lot. Just like Bill. The Gates one.
Also thick, hand-made, linen fabrics with primitive motifs, maple floors, bamboo walls, I like waterfalls and women with green eyes. Blondes.
Why will I tell S. that she looks beautiful? Not to get her. To let her know I have not changed no matter what was the damage done by life. I know she will understand.



6.29 am.
Friend just called that our mutual friend have died in a motorcycle accident this morning in New York City. He was 39.
RIP Voytek
I was teaching him snowboarding years ago.
The last run we just walked down the mountain he was so beaten and talked about girls. He wondered how I met my girl-friend. Liked her a lot. We were snowboarding together but not that day.
– We saw each other and that was it. She gave me a bar of chocolate. I was a stranger but that was Christmas. I drove to Silver Room in Bucktown, knew the owner, across from my house and bought her a silver neck-less and ring. Two days later we were in bad telling each other how scary those two days apart were. We thought we would not see each other any more.
I remember it because I have never walked down the mountain in the winter before. When I was buying my sailing boat in New Hamptons I stayed at his place. He was a joker liked by everyone. One of the crazy Pollacks. New York is different. There is no Voytek there any more. For some reason it couldn’t wait for the comet. He took his End of the World today.

Day next

September 23rd, 2015, 5.59 am Chicago:
We are still alive here. No tsunami. No comet. Garbage trucks collect garbage. Wives are not having sex as usual. Husbands are still asleep. Food gets delivered to stores. Trees grow.
I am not sure if Rio has been washed into the ocean or not yet. I will check on Google Earth. I will have turkey sub at the Puertoricans in an hour. I have changed their menu. They have a turkey sub now because of me. The neighbor girl downstairs will quickly get her dog to walk it because she will hear me coming downstairs.
I will wonder again why her make up is so perfect, so early in the morning. She will say hi and I will play with her dog. I like wrestling big dogs but I also like mature girls.
No tsunami yet but maybe CERN will punch a hole out of our bubble and into some other bubble which will really by a bottle full of Genies who will come into this bubble and will ask me what I want and I will tell them I want you.
Minimum three times. You will come true each of those times. Amen.

Diary it is

I’d better start my Diary to seem like an actually normal person which shouldn’t be too difficult in my mental condition.
I am hiding my mental condition so it doesn’t get patented as a new disorder by Rockefeller’s Big Pharma, become another reason to feed pilled
chemical time bombs into this smiling population of USSA. Last time it happened – they kept Poles, Christians and Jews in German concentration camps in occupied Europe.
This need for patents.
But they are after food now more than medicine. As if food was not a medicine.
Hamburgers improve mood for example. Coca cola – thinking. Prozac – metabolism in rats.
So how will be my day today?
Great. That’s all I have to say about today. Great.
I will meet an asshole. I will work my ass off. I will see my money.
Diary of a Happy Man.
Happy Man Diary. And Chicago weather is more than just a weather.
Mentally I am dead or already on a sailing boat. Moved photo shoots to Florida in January.
Can’t work with this weather. It is an occupation by weather.
That’s why few Polish Jews moved from Chicago to California to start Hollywood.
I would do the same. El Nino will get them this year though. No Paradise for Hollywood. No Paradise.
I pass by that theater in Bucktown (this Hollywood starter) daily. Who remembers Gelbfish from Warsaw?
Who? Everybody knows Goldwyn. Mayer was not much different.