Dream Saturday

Still broke but had enough money to buy me turkey sub at PuertoRicans. Not enough to buy coffee though.
They put that sandwich on the menu for me. Now I have a conspiracy to force them to have hot tea (Earl Gray and English Breakfast) on the menu as well.
That was an hour ago. We made arrangement – The Associate went to smoke, I went to get the sub. We have been four hours into work already
He in his house in Zabrze (Hindenburg in Nazi language), Poland. I am in Humboldt Park, Puerto Rico.
I was working with The Associate since 5 am. trying to move that pile of websites we have in front of us but instead of working on the ones
for JCC, we have concentrated on our secret portal I have been using for over three years now. It got better after today.
I am consolidating content and improving graphic design. I am the eyes he is the brain.
I can see the end, only one component is left to do but I believe internet life with its variety will help me figure that one out soon. It will come by itself.
Got the whole idea few years back and it is still ahead of its time. Technology is not there so we will play according to what’s available and normal.
Easy to understand. Still need to make couple of movies to introduce and explain the website when I decide to make it available to the public.
I wish I had the money I used to have. I would hire twenty programmers to work on it and finish within a month.
Turkey sandwich was excellent. No tea to follow though.
They have opened a new coffee shop near by. Looks nice. When I needed coffee now I would swing by Dark Matter on Western – highly recommend their coffee.
Swung by few others meanwhile but they are just OK like the one I was using before.
I am looking for a place that rocks in all aspects of a coffee shop done right. If I don’t find one – I will open one.
I have a place, need to call the owner – whom ever that is – the place is abandoned now.
Anyway – coffee shops are for Americans with no ideas, before there was an epidemic of Mortgage Companies, now Coffee Shops.
Owning a coffee shop is a trend. Trends are for sheep. But we do love coffee shops done right, don’t we?
I go to sleep now. Later I will finally hook up Jacuzzi plumbing and spend whole day in a Jacuzzi – reading articles by others on my portal.
Virgin dip that will be.

2.20 pm
got the heaviest piece of my vanity top into bath. Two hundred pounds of white quartz. That was a bitch. Top floor. Two more: smaller side of the L-shape and side panel are next. Smaller so I will take both at once. Maybe. I like working by myself but managing slaves is fun too.
I used technique pyramids were built with, which is wrong assumption because pyramids were poured out of limestone concrete. Block by block.
I go back to  work now. The reason I made vanity this size is because first I made sure there was enough room to sit you on it and you will be comfortable if you want to lie down while I do my exorcism with love unseen yet in any other baths in this building – whoever you will be, woman.
I do not intend to have my own real estate again anywhere but I do want a personal jet and yacht. I do this bath so my friend who saved me while I was homeless, will rent it for more money. It is a great unit I will make it spectacular before I fly away in my jet.

4.38 pm
Cut the veggies and potatoes up for the soup. (I got tired of pasta).
In the middle of building pedestal for the Jacuzzi now. Small bath, big double, corner, Jacuzzi. Just like vanity top. Almost too big but I made it fit with elegance into the scheme.
Didn’t like the vase sink I bought for the vanity. Too feminine. Need to go with rectangular one and not that bright white.
I will get it on Monday. After I finish pedestal I will eat my soup – its name is GMO Lorain Ragu soup. I have no idea why Lorain. Fetish.
Soup is boiling (need to stop) right now on an electric stove taken from an old sailing boat – Christ Craft 39′.
After I eat I will install the tub on the pedestal in mortar and hook up drains. Faucet will sit on the deck I will build maybe tomorrow. It means I will shower in the gym again and swim in a pool, like I always do and pray in the water for the things I  love to come my way. Virgin Jacuzzi dip tomorrow morning.

5.15 pm
Soup is excellent. Probably because I didn’t try it while cooking. Kept working. Since I am by myself I couldn’t take Jacuzzi out by myself.
Hanged it above my head on ropes, by the ceiling, using joists, on sailing ropes I keep in a garage – jib sheets.
Need to put insulation so neighbors downstairs will not be driven crazy when I use Jacuzzi. That after I eat.
They invited me for a party last time. Four men, ten women. I had no Jacuzzi yet. Dumb ass.
I need to concentrate when I work now. I am switching music to … Dead Can Dance

6.59 pm
Batteries are drained. Will have to wait for them to charge. Music hypnotized me. It is getting late.
I have to come up with few bucks for gas to get to the gym.
I will probably work for one more hour to finish pedestal.
Need to call they guy so tomorrow I can buy that kayak I have found on Craiglist and try it somewhere. I can’t stand being here and wasting time. In this weather.
Boze, zastanow sie nade mna czasami. Dziekuje.
9.01 pm
Finished. I have a Jacuzzi.
I will go gym now and swim. The Associate is supposed to wake me up at 5 am.
Tomorrow we will work on a website of a Pole who became the King of Madagascar after sailing in the Pacific few years before Cook.
Cook did get eaten. Maurycy made Mauritius named after him. Poor Cook. I did visit the place of his death, I think I dived it as well.
Kona cost has the best manta ray night dives.



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