Sunday. Weather sucks. I need to get my famous trailer. Used for traveling over the years, for diving and snowboarding.
Smallest cargo trailer. Slept in it many times when it rained.
Stickers from all the places all over its body. It has been dormant for three, four years?
I am riving the legend this winter. It is somewhere on the South Side. Borrowed it to a friend. Friend went back to Poland and sails in Greece now. Maybe making money on Arab refugees (just kidding). Not really.
Actually it is 8.48 am.
Working with The Associate already for an hour. is slowly being born.

10.13 am
Burning wood in fireplace for the first time since winter and it is time for some music.
Also – all the left over pieces of lumber are consumed now.
Nice warmth. Construction lumber damages yuppie fireplaces. This is not a yuppie fireplace. Used it for many things besides looks.
Today to make breakfast.

12.04 noon
Leaving the house to get the trailer.
When I get it, I can put tear-drop trailer for sale. I like the legend better.

2.09 pm
The Legend is home. Had a friend drive behind me all the way. No turn lights.
Will get to it later today. Coca cola will fix it.
Have to move 3 pm appointment with The Sailor to 4 pm. I will take a shower at his place. Taking clean clothes with me.
I loved driving the trailer behind me. Felt like vacations or trip. That’s where we would put dive gear or snowboards.
That was when I was free, before my last girl-friend.
AT 4 pm we go for a dinner and discuss content of and plan the next one. Will need to contact one man in Poland and one in Hungary next week to do it the right way. Other things.

8.25 pm
Got back from a gym. While swimming I have realized how hard I worked on Saturday. Every muscle in upper body hurts.
Spent one hour in a spa watching people. Couple of gays pretending not to be gays, few Asians, an older woman who was visibly depressed, needs love, sex, youth back but knows it is over. Overweight.
I watched myself and that was not much better. Lost only fifteen pounds. By the end of the next week I want to lose fifteen more.
Through work and poverty, poverty has a tendency to eat too much, in advance, not knowing its next meal. If you can control poverty you lose weight quickly. What did I eat today?
Baked potato with some Ragu on the side for breakfast.  Then when I was picking up trailer, Peter gave me twenty bucks. I bought gas for ten, spent some more money on power bar and tea, gave him five back.
Now I will need some pasta and Ragu again. Diet tea. Kind of late but I will skip breakfast.
Will have money tomorrow – so the point is not to buy food but keep the pressure on the body. Watch it, listen to it but keep the pressure.
I did meet with The Sailor. We went over many things, I like listening to him. His stories are interesting but what I admire about him is his 100% pure genius as manager and visionary. Too bad he has never made money. He would be great. Is anyway.
As I left his place I bumped into Dave. Dave is the guy who made three million bucks thanks yo me. How?
I asked him to buy two of my buildings and he did buy them. That was when I moved to Florida. NSA can explain the rest.
Now he can get 4,5 million for them but that will be in my book dedicated to the girl named Ashley, whose energy I love.
I calculated how much I would be worth if I didn’t move to Florida or move my money) and stayed in Chicago. About ten million (not much but something) and that without doing anything for the past ten years, which would be impossible with me.
I can double any amount of money within few months. But now I hate money. I hate people who manufacture money.
I hate the spell of money, the sickness of money, the mental disease money comes with.
My ex-partner is worth over, way over hundred million. I saw him ones calculating our profit (that was before he fucked me) and John Rockefeller came to mind – I have read his biography years back – the American Money Psychopath and I knew my partner will one day be very rich. I told him that.
You need to be a psychopath from a sick family (most of the time) to be the original money maker.
He is becoming more deviant every year, we used to be friends but you don’t want to be friends with deviants and assholes.
Primitive on top of it. Trust me – you don’t need Rockefellers and Buffets around you. These are not people you want to know.
I tell criminals by charity, the more charity they do, finance various institutions the longer the list of their “crimes”.
I need money.
But that will only make me:
– better greased nothing within mechanism,
– or the above I described earlier.
Real money starts with mind. The un-programmed one and the one that wants to use the program to benefit itself. Description of a parasite right there.
I need my soup now instead.
I love you. David has promised to buy me vacations when he sells these buildings. It is in the book.
I want his motorbike. I only have accidents on my birthdays on motorbikes. Had one in London and one in Chicago. I have one year of riding ahead of me without accidents before the next one. I do love you.
Somehow. Girl. This is so weird but I need it to write. My writing will get better. Much better, I am just starting. Being myself.



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