Battle coffee next

Monday. I like to make Sundays out of Mondays but can’t today. First bank. Then Black Matter on Western or maybe the new one close by. Today is battle, I need coffee.
I will have to put two people in their place. I hate when people don’t understand their place and invade my space, my life.
Both are Polish so it will not be easy. They are hard-headed like Irish. Or worse. I use words to move people into their places. Or rather out of mine. It is privacy thing. My favorite Bulgarian folk song. Amazing lyrics. Poetry. And that face brings memories but that’s OK. I can live with memories. Old, stray dogs have a lot of flees. I have explained it before, she might have a face like D. but just looking at the picture tells me this face is not for me. It is immediate. I can sense a lot from pictures. Whole character of a person. Actually much more. I was playing with it once. Guessing if people on the pictures are still alive. I had some interesting scores.
This is what is called poor marketing campaign now, what I do. I don’t know if you saw it but I always looked at picture of the coffee shop owner where you work. He is a nice guy with some problems. We all have problems but he is a nice guy. Caring.
I am walking with D. to one of the offices I used to do business with. The owner looks at us, says hi to D. , grabs my arm as if I were an intruder and drags me outside  the building to catch some fresh air:
– How do you get these women, tell me, how do you get these women for fuck sake???
The only other one he saw earlier was B.
– Phil, I fall in love. I just fall in love. Waited one year for her.
– But how?
– I tell them the truth the day I see them.
– But what about the brunette then?
– She left me.
– Fight. She tried to dominate me like she did with her ex. Later was calling my parents for months to influence me to take her back. Actually it started the very next day. Since my parents never told me she called, I never went back for her. I would.
– Where is she now?
– Taken. By one of the Bears players from what I heard. Or something. Fuck it. Wasn’t meant to be.
– This one is nuts, Robert. You can’t just walk in with her like that. There are other women here.



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