Running for presidency against Jab Bush is like running against
last Bourbon before House of Bourbon extinction without starting a revolution.

Running for presidency against Hilary Clinton is like trying to be Egypt getting back Sinai without making her girl-friend angry.

Running for US presidency is not easy. That’s why I am still running from US presidency.
What do you need to run from US presidency?
– Swiss knife.
– 10 feet of rope.
– An apple.
– Carrot.
– Stick.
-Some Third World Passport (Londonish, South Californian, Any really),
– Link Card,
– Smile.
(it can’t be any smile. Smiles are suspicious. It must be a smile of an idiot. Idiots are dangerous too. Smile of a complete idiot is required).
How to learn a smile of a complete idiot?
a/ watch CNN daily.

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