Cosmic Energy

Threw away my swim trunks at the gym today. Had them for five years. Bought new ones few days ago. The old ones got way too big. The new ones are slightly too tight (for America) but will be perfect within two weeks. Within two weeks I will be forty pounds lighter than only a month ago. Ten more to go. Got angry with myself for becoming too American. Started with diet. Quit all the ANIMAL FARM food for humans. After two weeks the stomach has shrunk enough that I could eat very little without being ever hungry. Today I had couple of oranges for breakfast, later small roll with Polish veggie salad, just before six pm. made a soup out of few veggies, no meat of any sort in it. Very, very thick.
Then I went to swim. Thought of Queen of US – what was the purpose of me meeting my dream woman at the time, when I not only can’t have her but first of all shouldn’t. I imagined things I would do with her and for her, things that would make her fly to the Moon and back, so she could be the first human on the Moon or its projection. It is always easier with projections. Since childhood I have imagined the Skies to be a black cover with holes in it through which light gets into our enclosure. Then they told me these are beings up there, living, intelligent energy. I am confused.
But not when it comes to energy. My strength here is not related to cosmic energy as much as I would need now.

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