Woke up at 6am today. Late for me. Listened to a California band to open my eyes. Passed by a mirror. No demons but I had a six pack. Worked on it for the past two weeks. Hate machines. Bob, “you want to burn like Gods, not human flash”. Breakfast: an apple. Might go to the Aikido temple today to meet with a friend. I like punching bags, wonder if they have any. I will hit on a girl today I met few days ago. She said she loved theater. I am putting it to a test this week-end. She is extremely smart, brilliant, cute. Psychology does it to you. Sometimes. She could be my daughter. I could be my son with cloning. What can I do? I am getting younger. From 250 to 215 pounds in five weeks. Sixteen left. The hardest. Skin cooperated. Followed the leaner body. I want to leave as I came. No decomposition. Burn Bob, burn. It is mental. Who you are. Here and there.

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