Trump – false, swan song of Republicans

Look, I am doing that. Telling what I think about American Elections.
First I should mention that elections to a Democracy are what an orgasm to a guy with down syndrome is, on a five dollar hooker. Once that is clear I also need to mention that politicians have  no power but they channel the power of their owners and are chosen for being scum more than anything else. In any country, they are supposed to screw everybody but their owners, including the population they represent.
OK = let’s proceed to American elections, truly American due to Mexicans and Mexican Indians as political force.
Thesis number one – Trump is in this elections so Republicans  are sure losers.
He is a paid diversion, confuser, democratic, filthy fifth column among republican electorate, soon to be painfully demolished. As I have mentioned before he is a hypocrite and big mouth.
He is not electable.  First – because he has no real money behind him. Secondly – because he is a hired populist to ridicule republicans, make them look like stupid asses soon. He is a microbe compared to the person that is being really set up to become president – Hilary Clinton.
You must be crazy thinking that all these other juveniles in republican Easter basket can compete against her to represent the owners of USSA. All of them are pretty much disqualified from the start or are in the process of being choked and eliminated.
I am still running from presidency and people like me become presidents as a result of revolutions they lead, not in the elections. I can’t save USSA this election. President must be the meanest human shit available with so much dirt behind, successfully covered and hidden, that only Hilary meets the criteria.
Also, this why Bill let all these Mexicans in, so republicans will  have to, like idiots, show their proficiency in Spanish to be even electable.
Hilary  – which is despised out of US as much as Merkel in Europe – will be the best USSA president to lead it to world socialism through wars, deception and crimes. I will not be exlaining here what socialism is because I will be labeled as anti-Semite, which is being a person not liked by the Jews because there are Jews who like me.
Is there another way?
Yes – getting rid of Trump – democratic, paid, sold filthy fifth column and voting for John Kacich – the only real politician among republican candidates. This election will not be a fake war between USSA Oligarchs : Bushes and Clintons. Hilary has already won unless a real person is put in front of her. Trump is a practical joke on Republicans by owners of USSA.
Anyway, I expect EVENT to end that masquerade, times are too dire for pretense. We need pretense square.

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