Double Door

I am starting to think more and more about writing a screenplay for a movie about Vietnam War from my point of view: someone who was shot and died in Vietnam in 1965 in his previous life and its impact on my next life, which is this one. By any standards – script is amazing as there is literally no fiction in it. Just mind blowing arrangement of scenes that had both realities from both lives interact.
The first scene is a love scene between me and my Jewish girl-friend in Warsaw.
She proposes that I play an American soldier in a TV play on Polish television, just one silent episode.
– You look so American.
I was twenty one, she was thirty.
I entered her and started fucking her like a madman to make her quiet, running into our orgasm.
After I finished, I only said.
– No.
left her apartment after taking shower.
Another scene … Three o’clock in the morning. Chicago. I sleep outside in a hammock, on a porch. Suddenly I am awaken by smog suffocating me. I run outside to make sure it is not the building I live in or neighbor’s that has caught fire. I am in my boxers only with broken crucifix on my chest. Jesus has no legs. I walk to the street to look at other houses trying to locate where the smog is coming from. Call 911 – big shop is burning on the other side of the park. They just send out services there – I start hearing sirens coming from all directions.
I go back home, fill Jacuzzi with water and go back to sleep in water. Dream about fire fight in a jungle. Noise is getting unbearable. I wake up shivering in cold water.
Hear choppers. Walk outside to porch again. Two News choppers are hanging in the air above park, filming the burnt shop, driving me crazy. 8 o’clock in the morning.
I walk back into my place to get a gun.
I am standing almost naked pointing the gun at choppers, whispering, mad with hatred:
– land, motherfuckers, land already.
I know I can’t shoot them but I know if they don’t land I am gonna put that gun to my head and shoot myself.
-Ohio/ car breaks down on the way from Colorado, repair shop/ brother
– awake at four, Vietnam war footage on TV, man evacuated, wounded
– Vietnamese refugee in a grocery store giving my sweets, speaking broken Polish, smiling
– jacket real/not real
– the same military knife through out both lives, addiction,
– nephew wants to open militaria store, shoes from Vietnam
– women, mirror reflectiions
– Sex with Korean girl after Rolling Stones concert, can’t  (on the radio in Vietnam- the same song)

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