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Fate is the road Universe wants you to travel Because it didn’t design your destiny For nothing It hates void If you are aspect of infinity Walk it więc zejdź na Ziemię w końcu się na niej urodziłeś ślepy tępy i sam    

Venus at 9 and 51

9 years old… Oh Patronko milosci Niech wieczne twe zycie w pieknosci W ktorym rozswietlasz jasnosc swej prawdy Ktora cmi blask kazdej gwiady Wiec blagam Oplec ludzi w swe sieci Niech milosc nad swiatem wzleci Niece panuje nad wszystkim i wszedzie Bo milosc trwac musi I bedzie     51 years young…   When crazy […]

Followed by coma

I don’t mind life In general But the twists Not really ups and downs Blind streets or signs to nowhere The sudden twists erasing previous Curves and bends whispers around the corner I got used to Still Helter-skelter Followed by coma Follows me

One war

Sometimes we live for just one event One love One breath One war One step But sometimes we live for every day And every love And every breath And every war And every step And every one and every all Just tell me God How much I owe you for the sunshine?

All ways work /m/

There is a certain way In which all ways work But mine What one woman destroys another rebuilds and you pretend It is more than sand castles slipping through fingers to make them feel good as they come in waves Ocean of sex, games and misery because love Is boring dead The End

Przesuwaja sie Jak obloki na niebie Kamienie w snach W tym ciele Nie jestem warty siebie Bo wcale w nim nie jestem Jestem wyposazeniem Dla innego istnienia.                              Zlem konicznym Ktore night nie zwleka

Three Others

Is building a tower What you need When no sky lives above you ? Energy Invent time It turns alive. In golden frame you are Yes You were framed Caged Unpredictability Of three Others God blessed your patterns Tower of mind Rescue me    


It never happens the way it does. Long runs require patience. Patience is one of the daughters of eternity. Eternal thinking in the world of daily sausage And sex We only become of what we absorb unless… aware of ribbon that never gets broken by this Previous Or next Fate

American ass raped slaves

I envy jag offs their plastic or paper seven cents brains shy and gentle educated to be corporate slaves new world bitches brave for a day white American retards acting like faggots in heat intelctual and soft submissive ass raped by Helgas and sex dolls terrorized by weather idiot box or street born monkey fellow citizens all spinned for […]

Response that hurts

If you like deep you have a problem Deep always runs deeper sick always gets sicker beautiful is the surface of ugly sad song of technology with brain biological know-how Thinking Living Men here on Earth where you tauch things to learn but only complicate them response that hurts all senses