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Holographic sin

If you live your dream, what do you dream about? Windows in your room? Summer with nights only? Skies you can watch from the dark side of some lonely Flat Planet where people are kept within limits of fake time, gravity, space Other constructs of dead science And cloned with their own organs attached to […]

mind game

If you don’t speak your mind whose mind do you speak? general programmable mind designed for average sheep by mind specialists? Or mindless mind of instinct lovers to fuck or to eat or maybe both and in that order is your only answer to every daily known and unknown problem in life you encounter. Epidemic […]

word of mouth. /m/

I like how this new Day One has stayed at a consistent distance from me miles of shadows behind afraid that I would burn people on the highway and eat their livers and hearts children and dogs to finally get away and it will be blamed Day One behind in the rain and alone by All-Seeing Blind Eye […]

na Nic

chciałbym wrócić w miejsce najbardziej z którego wyszedłem bez całej tej drogi która zrobiła ze mnie Wszystko na Nic Nic nie zwleka nie czeka obrócę się w nie za następym zakrętem ze śmiechem Wszędzie nad Wszystkim we mnie bo przecież żyłem w myśli po co mi ona jeżeli nie jest juz moja bo ze mnie wyszła przez […]

eight minutes. /m/

I hurt eight minutes of my life better die with good memories than perfect dreams eight scars I must heal now with bandage of eternity living body its sudden confession that has attached my face to every pain under this Sun made veins vomit patient blood and provoked all liers of skies into purple darkness above I surrendered […]


I can’t believe that people think that I can’t belive that people think I can’t belive that people I can’t belive that I can’t belive I can’t I (crickets)

12. /m/

just because there is no path doesn’t mean you can’t follow me 12 12 in all directions by finding ways you’ve always cheated yourself out of Everything at Once invented passage of time Invented self it’s purpose died contained within design how bizarre I could never belive my mind being more desperate than its lack

love list

tires ear plugs micro jump shower credit from truckers gun meth heads apps motels and stuff bell helmet white quit no fuck it leave at first light daily book by 2 get off by 5 sleep in bad fuel cell repair kit flyracing .com (special op jacket, comes in black, mesh) next day no GPS disable tracking […]


miłość jest wtedy kiedy jest Teraz i kiedy kończy się Teraz a zaczyna Wieczność to wtedy to jest coś jak miłość, której końca nie widać, bo teraz jestem gdzie wszystko widać na krótko i miłość na krótko nie jest dla mnie bo wychodzę stąd tam gdzie nic nie ma końca i nawet bez końca miłość […]