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droga 33/road 33

czasami wsiadam na motor wyjeżdżam w pustkę to tak jakby wszystkie drogi kończyły się we mnie oprócz  jednej trzydziestej trzeciej niech psy szczekają na Boga na drogę ciało zanim zakręcę w papierową śmierć szkoda ze przyjaciół poznaje się po trupach wróciłeś sometimes I get on my bike to ride out the void feels as if […]

beauty pageant

vacancy all signs of it written over my face I hanged as a window into my vacant head with its unexpected turns I confess fate got me tired and I need to rent it to the best essence someone else can find for me to fill in the gaps between day and night close and far equilibrium and the […]

In and out

I got my life to go let me check yes but it is fucking annoying as Hell the way they serve it here dirty and slow come on God don’t look at me as if I had time to wait for eternity I don’t in and out chop chop shift leaders Gurdian Angels Mexican Saints Pain Dealers […]


Would you live in a pot if you were a plant and thanked Gardener each and every day for his care and love? Or would you rather burn your flowers to ashes during  heat wave in the middle of beautiful summer and thanked the Sun for mercy?

alpha dog on a chain

with legs beaten off while taking fight to the next heaven I think I am done will prostitute myself become dog in a shed it is gonna get easier golden chain or TV set to make me bark all day at a tree or me in a mirror crazed with a dream of jerky treat […]

living side of darkness

do you see the Black Star or do you see the Shining Sun which frequency awakens you to act? Symbols silenced still explain themselves on time you brought upon yourself by means of light on living side of darkness

money and priceless don’t mix

Do you make money or does money make you? Whose money was it that made you so far? How much money did it take to make you who you think you are? What really is it money made you into? Are you now worth anything in money per day per hour or are you miraculously […]

visible time

visible time I lost it to blindness whole hours different ages had it all sorted somewhere in seventh sky condensed in crystal jars collected before each sunrise whole gallery tribute to past and present in case I need it for an endless new life or to create master universe with its awakened custom future formation […]