back to what matters

so many more lines to cross today
hanging in the air
than this silver lining
I don’t remember when was the last time
I didn’t cross the line
made of fear
political correctness


ghetto childhood
all invisible jokes for invisible people
drawn right and left
fuck it

waste of time

they never learn
you can’t trust people around here anyway
trust only
with glass eyes

trust Mickey Mouse
good bye


do not be afraid
I had so many beautiful women
one more
or less
will not hurt
my love
of all of them

what I need is what you don’t even know
you have
I am the discoverer of you in my world
and I do not really care to become
the conquistador of the heart
that beats
between your legs
I am not looking for fountain of youth
this attraction is just a draft
of some past
I almost forgot is still possible

it is not that

it is not that birds will suddenly sing verses
of some next door
redneck bible for sinners
grass will get greener
or wild drunks
pigs or
politicians will grow intelligent faces
with brains behind them
sex will get cheap
television will stop
being an idiot box
and the game
will get won
every Sunday

nothing seems really any lighter than before
it is just that I know you are possible
and finally it all makes sense
and it changes
but me in relation to the lost universe
inside my cage
so I  think of setting sail
crossing the ocean
in the last vanishing act
out of this self
into the lands of sweet
Forget it
a place I have never been to

oddaj się morze


natchnione jest morze
dlatego brzeg
chce w morze wejść
kolorowym snem oczekiwania drzew wbiegających do wody
po mokry tlen
skroplony oddech
i śmiech do słońca
nie wiem co bym bez ciebie zrobił
może nic

wiec morze oddaj się
i tak nie mam gdzie stąd iść
chyba  że głębiej w ciebie

How late am I?


when I had what it takes in the past
she went missing into the future
so everyday I was chasing the future now
which is the worst now to hunt
to find her born for me

OK now
here I am
insane soul from the past
to get her
a young and beautiful woman
encroaching on her future
in which
she is looking for what I have just found
how late am I?

don’t run
don’t run now

Finished product


Queen of US
kocham ją ponad
i pod spodem

can not be translated into English
I tried
unless “more than”
could also mean “above” in English
like it does in Polish
and then this thing with … “underneath of a woman”
what would that be in English?

English translation
try at:

Queen of US

loved more than as in Above (think mind/God)
including her underneath (think pussy)
all of it (think I am done)

same verses in English:

mind from God
pussy below
in her
both loved to be finished (as in complete)

(I am still lying)

jestem pustakiem


I am not a brick
I breathe
If I were a brick I would already sink to the bottom of each day
from the last day I saw you
talking to Angels behind my back
that they weren’t watching me
made me behave

you want to breathe
how well I know what you mean

they have promised me their faces

and wings
next life
to find you sooner
I am sorry you sometimes miss
what we could have been
not really knowing

when you smile


I don’t remember wanting to plant this life
ever as much
in a garden
full of Skies and Heavens you are
American girl

Goddess from nowhere but everywhere
I ever wanted to be
and traveled
Days and Nights
horrifying lands in between and above
fear and loneliness
to find this place
this dedicated refuge
I see in your eyes when you smile
you are the end
to all of my worlds
and search in them
here be dragons
no more