I persuaded Dave to sell me his bike.
He knew about my accidents and didn’t want to.
So I told him about another one, few days ago and said:
– If I were meant to die that would be it.
It didn’t work. He is a very stubborn guy.
So I said:
“Listen, after I left the car and saw the damage I wished that was it. So much better and quicker than in bed. Seven years ago they were giving me five years, eight months ago they were giving me half a year to two years. Sell me the fucken bike at a discount, you are not riding it anyway. It would be better than in bed, why don’t you get such a simple concept.”
I was really hoping he would give it to me. He made three millions thanks to me and now bike is taking place in his garage.
Few days earlier I run into him and his girl-friend. At the end of our chat he said:
– I love you Bobby.
I remembered it.
-Supposedly you love me.
That got him.
He agreed to sell it to me. I like his bike because he made many trips all over North America, even EUrope and chose this one for the last two.
It is ready to go. Just like me.

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