I will make Sunday out of Monday

11.19 pm
just left the Jacuzzi. Finally I have a whirlpool – reminded me of all the whirlpools I have installed myself in my places.
I was usually buying units from developers after drywall and finishing them myself. (My subs).
The first one was the loft on Wood Street. Great building developed by my friend (an Italian) who lost everything years later like myself. I knew he would lose before hid did. Because of the building he bought downtown, just before they have stopped the credit,
crashed the market and ran with the spoils. It was a war on US population without war.
Once the spoils were collected – funds for Arab Spring and Ukraine were in place. That’s how it works. At least they didn’t do flight to Mars like baby Bush wanted. Does Nevada look like Mars? Wyoming does, parts of Hawaii. No-brainer really.
On Wood Street I have demolished two bedrooms and converted the place into one bedroom with huge pedestal bed. Demolished bathrooms and made huge shower in open brick and slate tiles , in the other one installed  double Jacuzzi (like today)
but the water heater remained the same for few weeks, so when I had sex with Jo-Ann water was getting cold after an hour and we would hug in the water, she on top of me – warming each other till water got heated again and we would carry on with love.
Americans in the building were laughing at me for that conversion till the first person who showed up to buy it was one of the Bear players (another one in my life) but his Hummer (he had the real one), not the pick up truck called Hummer, was one each too long for the garage I had below. I didn’t use the garage – I had a boxing bag in the middle of it and I was boxing there.
I ended up selling it to a president of some bank for more money than anyone in the building – so Americans were thanking me and wanted me to become the president of the Association. I smiled and said no. Who has time for boy scout troop today?
Anyway – they have pissed me at the first association meeting.
Before it started but they already gathered – these baby Newcomers, none a Pilgrim – they have talked about the neighborhood. These were kids from out of their place. So this one brainless chick from Wisconsin starts brainless monologue about how the area still needs to change and that there are so many weird businesses here, names them and includes a Polish Deli – one of the best Delis in the whole of Chicago as weird business and points out this is Polish. She doesn’t know I guess she has just moved in to the area that was historically more Polish than any other in this City – Bucktown and Wicker Park. That out of ten new houses, seven are built by Polish Pilgrims (me including on a small scale compared to many of my fellow Pilgrims) and this Polish Deli has the best food in the area unless you like departments stores where food, before being delivered and put on the shelves, sits for months in their magazines where rats have a place to piss in comfort on it. It was the era of Mortgage Companies, not coffee shops so some of these idiots would mortgage their parent’s shacks in Wisconsin to have for a down payment for a loft. She said something about the owner of the Deli, just guessing, something bad.
I knew the guy. We talked about flying and food many times ( I was taking flying lessons out of Palwaukee then). He lived in Arizona and flew his plane there for the week-ends. One of the richest Polish guy in Chicago, had a contract to deliver meat for US troops. And this brainless chick from Wisconsin considers him some moron with small Deli. He kept the deli opened because we kept asking him not to close it. Pilgrims were eating lunch there almost everyday and were going back to rebuilding Chicago from a democratic slum it was. Democrats turn everything into a ghetto.
They, The Association, have picked an annoying gay for a president so on the first contract to fix the building (tuck-pointing) this asshole is trying to get a fifty thousand kick-back from a contractor. The contract is  for $110,ooo.oo. I laugh -terrorize them not to sign the contract- get couple of my friends to give me their prizes – both of them are less than sixty thousand. That was what I calculated. Gay hates me now.
I don’t give a fuck about asshole gay but he takes shots at me during meetings. I shut him up pretty rough one day. He does shut up but few months later  I need to get a permission to built a deck on the roof of a storage room. Huge and amazing deck, had a great architect design it. They object. I sell the unit. Fuck newcomers, brainless sheep.
So I lost a Jacuzzi where I had J, B, and D. N and  D2 had orgasms with me.
It is much more complicated. It is actually very complicated. It will be in my book.
Because as I spent four hours in the Jacuzzi today – seven till eleven – I was thinking about my book and I have realized what I need to write, I need to write as it was. All of it. No air – all meat.
You, my sweet girl, will have to go aside. There are more important things in this world than people.
In one of my posts I lied (kind of) – I didn’t built eight flats near the coffee shop. I bought four houses, demolished them, rezoned the land, made blueprints, got permits and sold it to two builders – friends again. I was done with Chicago and everything I was doing.
I was kind of done with my life as I am now but now I have more fun because I get to speak my mind.
Most of condos between Ogden and Ashland on Grand were built by people I know. No, they were not Americans. Most of them Polish.
By the way that’s why I know so many people in Little Italy and I was happy when the coffee shop opened. I like when America is turning into Europe instead of other places. But then, when- so called yuppies, hipsters orr similar show up and take over – the neighborhood dies again. I will explain one day. It has to do with television and sports and other forms of brainwashing. The best period of each area is when it is still being FOUGHT FOR.
City and Pilgrims working in union- many artists, crazy people still live around – and then is becomes THE THING and the programmed, brainless sheeple move in. Coffee shops and bars like in Miami open up and sheeple get drunk while Syria and Eastern Ukraine are being bombed and robbed. Other places. When you are a loving stranger – you hurt. You watch sheeple newcomers and cry inside what this world has come to. I have some anger in me today. I can’t tell why.
If  soul was measured in depth – there is no bottom to my soul today.
Some other time I will write about other whirlpools. In my million dollar condo in Florida or on Wood street, or Milwaukee or on Wolcott, on Ashland, on Chicago, on fucking Oakley. I had sex in all of them/fucking Jacuzzis. Is swimming  pool a Jacuzzi?
Because J. was performing a fucking perfect blow job in my house in Florida once in it.
God, I apologize. Since our last conversation I am aware of timing. Please, understand. I am not frustrated. I am only not amused.
What was the conversation about? Nothing.
It started as a nightmare. When I say nightmare I mean nightmare square.
I sleep with doors wide open till it gets too cold for that. In the nightmare THE THING was walking up the stairs. I could hear its steps and I knew I stood no chances if I stayed in the apartment (mirrors) so in my dream I wake up and walk out to the porch to face IT.
It is a Demon, a really unpleasant thing to confront but I am shocked because I see the face of my mother inside of him as if she was imprisoned inside of him talking to me. She tells me to wake  up, now. That wakes up my brain, I am not in the dream anymore but my body is still asleep. I am trapped inside my motionless body the way my mother was trapped inside The Thing. I try to move, scream and at last wake up. I open my eyes, realize what is happening, talk to God. He answers but is not amused. I get infected with it.
It is obvious I need to go back to my roots and purpose I lost here, among these rats running in a cage. I am so disgusted with myself for becoming a rat among rats. Wasted so many years on bullshit, confused it for purpose. Not one day has a value. Programmed morons all around, debilitating morons. The conversation with the dude – where the fuck did I get a permission to talk with morons about their moronic perceptions?
Fuck it. I need to get out f this place.


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