Szesc miesiecy do trzech lat. Szesc miesiecy jest ciekasze niz trzy lata. Poczekalnia do wyjscia. Musze wypastowac buty. Umyc zeby. Wyruchac pare panienek. Nie kochac.

“To a simple man”
lyrics in English

“When with a fresh glue on the wall again
new notices will be posted
when black print will raise alarm
among the people and the soldiers
and any scoundrel, any jerk
will believe their eternal lie
that we must go and fire cannons,
murder, plunder, poison and burn

when on the thousandth prayer they’ll begin
to tear the homeland with declination
and delude with a colored emblem
and incite with the historical right
about an inch of soil, glory and borderlands
about fathers, grandfathers and banners
about heroes and victims

When a bishop,a pastor, a rabbi will come out
to bless your rifle,
because God himself whispered to him from heaven,
that one must fight for the homeland
When with riots will explode
the scream of letters from the front pages of newspapers
and a herd of wild women
will shower soldiers with flowers

Oh, my uneducated friend
my brethren from this or other land
know that alarm bells are sounded
by kings and pot-bellied lords
Know that this is nonsense, ordinary swindle,
when they cry “to arms”
that somewhere oil gushed from the ground
and showered them with dollars
that something in banks is not adding up
that they’ve smelled somewhere full cashboxes
or the fat rogues have spotted
somewhat fatter tariff on cotton

Smash the gun against the street pavement
It is your blood is, theirs is the oil
And from a capital to capital
Shout, defending what you’ve worked hard for
“We won’t be fooled, gentlemen of the gentry!””

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