No letting down. All American wars on Africa and Asia that have been planned before 9/11 with the 9/11 as a ridiculous, satanic excuse for them, were in the end meant to create destruction and breaking down of Europe with the “European” media being part of the plan. If today’s European population are the descendants of the lost tribes – we are witnessing the destruction of real Israel by the forces of Evil.
To me it means that at some point US has been kidnapped and serves the opposite purpose than the one it was created for (while being under attack of these forces itself). (Yes, you can attack both sides of the conflict you have created by … clashing and manipulating them, weakening both from the inside as well as outside). Everything serves antagonisms and wars – which is the best management tool of humans but this is not the tool created by God.
It is the tool used exclusively by “Satan” and “His” people.
Non manipulated humanity would be unstoppable but what would be our purpose?

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